Masculine Snowflake

During a brainstorming call with the Green Bay Blizzard we pitched the idea of telling the Blizzard’s brand story with a fierce, masculine snowflake. I think they thought we were nuts, but it became the sleeve patch. I did a quick search for a good photo, and could only find this fuzzy one.

Outer Space with Throwies

When the Houston Comets got booted from the Toyota Center, they landed in Reliant Arena – an awkward horseshoe venue built for rodeos. The NBA brought Casey and I in to dream up ways to enhance a pretty underwhelming venue.

Here’s a rendering of our first recommendation: giant inflatable slam-dunking astronauts to perpetuate the Comets’ brand story. Along with basketball-meteor graphics, we devised the idea to use these Graffiti Research Lab Throwies for an outer-space effect in the rafters.

Beetle Weaponry

Photo By: Douglas Emlen
There is an incredible slide show about dung beetle weaponry from the New York Times online. These photos cry out for a beetle themed team. Arena Football that means you!

The iridescent green reminds me of the Oregon football helmets that Nike did in conjunction with Dupont. One of my favorite uniform redesigns of all time.

Check out the Beetle Weaponry slide show here

New Project Kicked Off

Started work with a new team last week. Super excited, it’s going to be a great project for a great town and a great team. Jason and I have discussed at length how we can bring the Clink community behind the scenes without spoiling unveilings and the careful process of designing a new brand. After the unveiling, I promise, you’ll get more info and behind the scenes action than you require. Till then, this is the only clue we’re gunna give.

Godspeed to you on your quest!

ICFF – Tiger Blocks

This weekend I went to the the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. There was tons of interesting stuff. Along with furniture they had a lot of table top design. Toys, pottery, stuff like that. In the Japanese wing of the show I found these great blocks for kids designed by Dainippon Type Organization. It’s probably a great tool for teaching kids to read, blah blah. I’m stealing this idea if we end up doing another project in Japan! Using the same design elements to create a text in english and a kanji character. Word! or Words!

Intern with the Reading Phillies

Just got Back from a 10 day trip around the country. But I want to start with where I ended up. For the last 4 days I’ve had the privilege of being an honorary intern with the Reading Phillies. For those of you who don’t know much about this team, the R-Phils are Minor League baseball royalty. Some of the most innovative people in sports operate this club and it was an exhausting but invigorating education to work there. Jason and I have been working with them for the past few years and last year we updated their brand with a new identity. It’s one of those identities that has the potential to be a classic and we were really fortunate to have the opportunity to work on it.

If you live within a couple hours of Reading, PA do yourself a favor and check it out. The above photo is a taste of the experience. The Mascot Band is a group of incredible musicians playing real instruments in full costume! Add the dance team as the cherry on top. This sort of insanity brings a tear to my eye. It’s like a Matthew Barney performance.

Check out

More to come…

Nai and SF Rebranding Launch Party

This happened a few months ago but I thought it’s worth showing. We rebranded Strictly Fitteds the premier fitted cap/trends site. Working with Nai, Strictly’s mastermind, was a great experience.

He had a real vision for his brand and it’s always great to work with people who can envision the future. That being said he was also open to new ideas. All around it was great.

And the launch party was a lot of fun. Drinks, doormen, and DJ’s. He knows how to put on a show. Looking forward to working together again.

Throne of Blood – Team Logos

Watched Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” last night. It’s one of the great samurai movies. The cinematography has an incredible texture, complicated and minimal at the same time. The final death scene with the barrage of arrows is a feat of genius. The costumes are so wonderful and I love how they bisect the army into teams like centipedes, cherry blossoms, and waves depending on their jobs and what fort they’re from. Look at these banners on their backs.

Check this alternate version of the logo. I love alternative versions of designs to fit different applications. Some of my favorite things to design are alternate renderings of marks for sleeve patches or batting practice caps once of the initial design styles and elements have been decided.

Amazon’s got the DVD used for $19 here…

Friday Night at the Mets Citi Field

(Photo From

Friday I checked out the new Citi Field (AKA Tax Payer Field, AKA TARP Field, AKA Shitty Field(not accurate)) the new home of the New York Metropolitans. The park is great. The food was some of the best I’ve had at a ballpark. Shake Shack, please! That is one of the best ideas in baseball. Shake Shack is a NYC institution. If you want something fun to do in NYC on vacation, stand in line for 2 hours in Madison Square Park and just people watch as you wait to get your hands on a frozen custard and a burger. Amazing burger.

Not my favorite ballpark though, Petco and First Energy Stadium in Reading, PA get that distinction. Still great. And if you’re a Mets fan then it’s really great because all you’ve known is Shea.

If you want a great guide to the park check out New York Magazine. Here…

Didnt Make the Cut – Lakeland

Two of my favorite sketches that we did for the Lakeland Flying Tigers that didn’t make the cut. The Flying Tigers is my favorite re-name of a team that we’ve done. Exhibit A – Single A for Detroit! Exhibit B – They play in a ballpark built on a WWII Air Force base!