Great Moments in Design – Flushing Meats

In this edition of Great Moments of Design we have a real classic (well it should be), the Flushing Meats truck. I snapped this photo in Brooklyn a couple months ago. It’s beautiful in it’s complexity and its authenticity. I love how the medium, the vinyl decals, have changed the design.

The filled in pink eye, the crude outlining of Porky worn smooth from years of reproduction, and the “Meats” text in blue and yellow that was probably made at the same time on the vinyl cutter. Whenever we do a faux retro design we always try to give it this worn authenticity.

Get ready Jay, I’m only outlining my designs in pink from now on!

Book Report – Soviet Posters

This is one my favorite design genres, Cold War propaganda. No matter what country the work heralds from, the style always offers a great nostalgic take on Americana. And when my goal is a baseball/Americana look, I’m always surprised by how often I go outside of my Norman Rockwell type books. Shepard Fairey has owned the reconstitution of this style but there are still great things left over to steal.

There are 50 things worth stealing in this image alone!

Soviet Posters: The Sergo Grigorian Collection, by Maria Lafont
Amazon’s got em used & new from $11.95 Check it!

Dive Dive

WWII Insignia Art is some of the most inspiring storytelling. Working on the Clearwater Threshers identity, we had lengthy discussions about creating mystery by not being so literal. The result was a life preserver with a bite taken out of it.

The key is allowing the viewer to fill in the gaps with their imagination. That’s why I love this WWII piece: the physics alone are a mystery. Hank Porter designed this insignia for the USS Hawkbill submarine featuring Bucky Bug from Disney’s Silly Symphonies.