First Few Entries

These are a few of our first entries and they look great! Keep em commin. And ezstreet, you can enter as many times as you like. I want to see 10 entries from you now!

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 12

In these sketches we began to explore the “Reds” in the wishbone. You can see we’re still trying to push the smoothed out, more organic feeling wishbone “C”. I think that these scripts were created to carry that theme into the wordmark. That “d” is stylin.

Brand Story – Casper Ghosts Part 15

Being that this Rookie League club probably wouldn’t be selling a swarm of authentic game jerseys, it was appropriate to swing back around to the hometown western feel. Here are some of the western jersey lettering options we presented to the ownership. Note the benday fill. The brass were really on that “Swirling” and “Otherworldly” kick, so the bottom lettering won out.

Cap Giveaway

New cap giveaway this week! This time it’s the Casper Ghosts Official 59/50 Home Cap to commemorate the final weeks of Jason’s awesome multi-part Ghosts series. And! We’ll get the size of whoever wins the contest!

Here’s how it’s gunna work: Here is a PDF cap template. It’s vector, so if you know illustrator, lucky you. If not, no worries. Do you know how to use a crayon? Good, cause that’s all you’ll need. Print this out or work with it in Illustrator or Photoshop. We want some creativity. If you have a design or logo that you’d want to enter, great. If you want to cut out images from a National Geographic and get out your glue stick, great. Get nuts, don’t worry about its production feasibility.

Email us a scan of your collage, or coloring, or altered PDF to enter. You can explain your design or not, it’s up to you. Don’t forget to include your cap size!

This is the PDF template again…

Remember, we’ll ship anywhere in the world. So don’t be shy Japan, Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Email your entries to

We’ll pick a winner Tuesday, July 14th. Godspeed!

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 11

More Script options, I like F. Not sure it fits the team but it’s nice looking. I think all of these would look good in a wishbone C.

Check out Aaron’s comment under Red Part 10.

“With every new post about the Reds- I hear their fight song sneak back into my head. “Hooray for the Cincinnati Reds” The only place I have heard it is on the PLAYBALL! album by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. It’s a great sing-a-long. But I was surprised to find out that it’s fairly modern (1997). Which leads me to ask, Do you find common ground with this? Working the balance between undeniable historic value with present and future direction of a team? My first impression of the song convinced me that it was “old”. I guessed it was made in the early 20th century. Maybe a few decades after Casey at the Bat was written. I think that is because of it’s styling. It is sung by a chorus that sounds very live (acoustic) and the music sounds like classical American Pops. I must admit that this fight song changed my perception of that team. The second line of the song is THEFIRSTTEAM IN THEHISTORY OF BASEBALL. WHAT? I was shocked by my ignorance. My mental picture was more like: AstroTurf, Schottzie, Pete Rose, and Chris Sabo’s goggles. Obviously all a bit funky. But this piece wiped all of that away and forged them to the foundation of the game. Wow. One thing I don’t know is- Do they play this? Is this a new tradition? I have never seen a Red’s game in person, so I don’t know. So can you guys relate to this in your branding? Is it hard to turn down the vintage aspects when they are so powerful?
Keep up the good work!

Here is a link to the story of the song:

The Album on itunes:”

Love that song, Aaron. All teams go through an awkward phase. Marge Schott was the ring leader of the Reds late life pubescent period. What a piece of work that woman was.

The American Museum of Natural History

My family was in town last week and we went to The American Museum of Natural History. It’s one of my favorite spots in NYC. The background paintings in the dioramas are so lush and the animals are in these heroic and iconic poses.

So much to learn about posing animals, creating dynamic silhouettes, and all around showmanship. If you’re ever in NYC you’ve got to check it out.

I bought this book “Windows on Nature” at the gift shop. It has beautiful photos of the dioramas and a behind-the-scenes look at how they made them. So inspiring.

Windows on Nature: The Great Habitat Dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 10

Ken asked…

“I noticed that in some of the designs, uppercase and lowercase letters have been mixed together. Is that something you’re conscious of when designing? In other words, do you feel bound by the conventions that you were taught as a kid in school or do you feel free to take liberties where needed to achieve the overall design aesthetic you were looking for? What is the boundary for you as a creator?”

You can mix upper and lower case. When it comes to creating a new wordmark, you have to take more liberties because it needs to have a graphic uniqueness to it. There’s a difference between a graphic type style and a type style that you’d choose for an entire book to be set in. No boundaries when it comes to the first phase of sketches! You have to make mistakes, you have to let yourself create some ugly designs. Oh, and we’re still kids!

We don’t have the time to go back and look at some of these old concepts so it’s fun to share these with you guys, it’s like we’re seeing the work for the first time. I like the merging of the script and spurs in concept C. Check out where the round part of the “R” meets the post and pushes through the backside to make the spur. I’m gunna to find a good use for that idea again!

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Brand Story – Casper Ghosts Part 14

As New Era worked on flat stitchouts, the Ghosts ownership asked us to circle back around to the jackalope idea…for a regional connection. This was a discussion throughout the project: How much Wyoming connection versus a logo unlike anything out there. The prevailing thought was that the Lake Elsinore Storm cap doesn’t have any local references.

These jackalope sketches were the nail in the coffin that a Jacklope/Benday/Hidden ‘C’ logo would be difficult, but we’ll try anything the team requests. Next Monday, we’ll get into lettering and uniform design…

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 9

More wishbone inspired sketches, in wishbone B we wanted to give a subtle difference to the traditional “C”. The weight at the top gives it a little forward movement with out having to skew it. Cincinnati is a tough word for a couple of bad spellers, you can can see the little guide letters below the sketch? Kinda proud of that “a” in Cincinnati though.