Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 30

After collaborating on several concepts, the Reds felt this direction best represented their positioning as “America’s Oldest MLB Team.” Internally, Jason and I rallied behind phrase “Vintage Modern.”

You’ll notice in the upper left we jotted down some of the feelings they wanted to evoke: Back in Time (but not retro), Heartland, Traditional, and Warmth. Just as important, the new look couldn’t look like the University of Cincinnati (for obvious reasons) or too much like the Cards.

The rounded arc was the degree to which Majestic wanted the lettering to sit on the uniform. The circled areas were trouble areas we all felt needed addressing.

Finally, we made a big push to update the ‘C.’ We felt it was important to match the C with the lettering style.

Oh, and to answer Eric’s question: The inner diamond would be flat, and everything else would be raised.


5 thoughts on “Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 30

  1. i knoe the wishbone is iconic, but its a shame that “C” didnt make it. it makes a case for itself without sharing the look with the bears or throwback indians. i hope we’ll see it in the editions

  2. Does Majestic (or the uniform supplier) usually lay out an arc template like that for you? Seems kind of limiting. I figured you had free range on that sort of thing.

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