Miami Beach Flamingos T-shirt

Ah, the Miami Beach Flamingos. My favorite team that was dead before I was born. Ebbets Field Flannels just released this T-shirt featuring artwork owner Jerry Cohen uncovered from old stationery. He explained to me that the bird and the bats/text were on two separate pieces, so he merged them to construct this killer design.

There’s a na├»vety to old school Minor League logos that we can all learn from. Jerry believes Adobe Illustrator has made contemporary logos too polished. And we agree. There’s something innocent about drawing a logo in ink. Making a change is more difficult than moving an Illustrator point. As a result, old logos are riddled with awkwardness. An awkwardness that gives them character, and speaks of a different era. If you’re going for an old school look, start with a Sharpie and don’t correct your errors. Visit for inspiration, like we do. Send us your designs and we’ll post the most authentic here.

Get you Flamingos T-Shirt for just $24 at and your Sharpies here.


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