Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 26

We also created cap renderings to help sell the idea of changing the wishbone C. We knew that it was a long-shot convincing them of that so we made sure to put some extra time in. Not into the lower one at all, what were we thinking?

Crazies Boston Red Sox

I love Crazies. Without them, sports brands have no texture, no character. Crazies are the lifeblood of any franchise. They eat, sleep, breathe their sports brands. For Casey and I, Crazies are a thermometer: the more Crazies you have, the more popular your brand is.

Much of our non-design work is helping teams create environments where Crazies can materialize and breed more Crazies. If nobody is talking about your brand, it’s dead. Thankfully, we have Crazies.

This is a photo of a Red Sox Crazie during the 2004 World Series. I have an archive of Crazie photos that I’m stoked to share. If you have any REALLY over the top photos of Crazies send them our way. Especially Minor League Crazies.

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 21

The good news, they liked a lot of the ideas. The bad news, the liked a lot of the ideas. We spent a solid 2 weeks vectoring all the ideas that they did like. It was intense. I have to say, it felt great though. So often a partner doesn’t like much of anything that comes across in the first sketches. This was not a problem with this project. The blue note lines in the above illustration show you how we started to organize ourselves.

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 24

This is the one they chose to move forward with. They may have chosen to move forward with more than one, not sure. I also don’t remember why we made a set of numbers and the “Player” text for this concept and not the others. Maybe we were just really into it?

Folk Art Ice Cream Truck

Snapped this last weekend as I was walking around the city. I love the ice cream trucks in NYC during the summer. Even the common Mr. Frosty trucks are great but this one is special. All hand painted, totally beautiful.

I will now insist that there be red fangs put on all my ice cream cones.

A Few Favorites

Great simple caps from Kenny and Chris! Keep em coming guys. Speaking of that, where the ladies at? I’d love to see some designs with a female sensibility behind it.

Roughriders Combine Custom Foam Head

The Cheesehead is one of the greatest icons in sports. I have always been a proponent of foam heads, because every team needs a ridiculous fashion accessary that tell fanatics, “hey you’re one of us.” has a good thing going, but nothing that gets the sports world talking. So when I came across this photo of a custom-made Saskatchewan Roughriders combine foam head, I wanted to hire this guy.