Taco Shop League Calgary Chilly Peppers

Clinker Kevin Werther of Rochester, NY is reppin’ the north with his Calgary Chilly Peppers contest entry. Lovin’ these behind the scenes sketches Kevin!

On a side note, all Clinkers should feel free to share their creative thoughts and improvement ideas in the Comments section of each entry.

Favorite Yet

A great entry from T.J. Monteiro. This is my favorite entry yet.

I have a question for those who have entered already or will enter. I feel like a few of the entries so far have great ideas but need little tweaks to take the concept and the design to the next level. Would you guys be OK with us giving critiques?

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 43

This is a distillation of the final family of marks. You can see they opted to stick with a block letter Reds inside the wishbone. Unlike our Minor League projects, we didn’t have much say in the final set of marks. Even though it final family of marks was different than what we would have wanted, it was still an honor to work on the project. I hope you guys enjoyed this (long) story of our development of the Reds re-branding. It was fun to share it with you guys!