Opening Day of the Taco Shop League

As Commissioners of the Taco Shop League, welcome to opening day! Here is the PDF with all the instructions, details, and templates you’ll need. Read it over carefully before you begin. We need to make the process of showing your work simple, so please stick to the templates.

If your design is selected…

• You’ll have your cap produced by New Era.

• You’ll receive 10 caps for you and your friends.

• And, for every set of 144 caps that we produce with your design on it you’ll receive $250! When we reorder, boom another $250 bucks.

Buenos suerte Clinkaderos!


4 thoughts on “Opening Day of the Taco Shop League

  1. Considering this to be a running competition, how many submissions can one person make?

    P.S. Friggin’ awesome competition, my ideas are already brewing!

  2. Ugh, you had to go and make this tough, huh? I’m really getting my brain going for this one. Being from Maine where there are literally no taco shops and barely any spanish-speaking people makes it really tough. I look forward to submitting though, and I know I speak for everyone when I thank you guys for the opportunity.

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