Uniform Fashion Show Music

Casey asked me to post our Tulsa fashion show soundtrack…

Uniform fashion shows are the best way to present your new duds, get some pub, and show players not taking themselves so seriously. To help our clubs really put on a show, we always try to provide as many resources as possible- like a fashion show soundtrack.

The Tulsa Drillers have this old school recording of a famous local bellowing out “Let’s Gooooooo Tulsa!” The track sounds like it was ripped from an old 45. For the Driller’s uniform unveiling we remixed Let’s Go Tulsa with Paul Oakenfold’s remix of Rock Your Body. The track is on loop for 10 minutes, so we cut a sample for you here

Also, stay tuned! We start our next Brand Story on the Tulsa Drillers makeover in 2 weeks!

Tims Chupacabra

Tim Leccese said…

“Since I don’t have Illustrator or any other similar program I know I can’t win…but I thought I’d submit something just for the heck of it.

My shop would be named El Chupacabra after the Mexican/American mythical creature that supposedly attacks goats in a similar manner as a vampire. I don’t know Spanish, but I guess the name chupacabra literally means “goat sucker”. Eye-witness accounts have described the creature as having a dog/panther snout and face, while having a somewhat reptilian body with scales and a ridge of spikes running down the spine. It also has vampire like fangs used to suck the goats blood as well as a forked tongue.

I envision the hat would follow a similar color-scheme as the Oakland A’s, with a green and gold two-tone look, while the logo would be outlined in white, the body in dark green and pale green, and red for the eyes and tongue.

All I’ve attached is a simple sketch of the logo…I’m not sure about the quality of the scan though…"

Great enthusiasm Tim! We like to think of this as a collective and I think someone should use this chupacabra idea. Spice it up with something else maybe. Tim, if we end up making a cap with a chupacabra on it your getting a free cap!

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 40

Once we fine tuned the font and numbers. They asked us to add a drop shadow. This is almost in it’s final form. Almost done with this series, I know we’ve dragged it out a bit. Hope it’s been worth the wait. I’ll have pictures from the unveiling fashion show tomorrow!

Toms got the first entry

Big first entry from Tom! Man this is a great start. Love the story, love the design, very authentic to the genre. Very smart. We wanted variety and this is clearly a unique take. Tom you have a special place in our hearts. (And he stuck to the template!)

Taco Shop Day Two

Everyone seems to be really into this idea, we’re super excited to see what you guys come up with. I feel like we’re all going to building this together and that’s exciting.

Steve asked…
Deadline deadline deadline?

Once we get a bunch of contenders then we’ll probably make a last call for submissions for this first cap. Hopefully, once we have one cap in the hopper, we’ll keep adding caps to the League. In other words, no deadline.

Justin S. asked…
How many submissions can one person make?

No limit soldiers!

Aaron Bird offered to be our Taco Shop field reporter! Word.

Eddie Ray said….
Ugh, you had to go and make this tough, huh? I’m really getting my brain going for this one. Being from Maine where there are literally no taco shops and barely any spanish-speaking people makes it really tough.

Eddie, but that’s your angle. This League needs its gringos too. Your team could be the Choco-Taco or the chips and ketchup of the Taco Shop League! Just don’t use Choco-Taco explicitly, trademarked.

Re-Branding the Cincinnati Reds Part 39

We also created a number set for the font family and, of course, the jerseys. Once we had a rough idea of what the font would look like, we created this chart to see the relationship between each of the numbers side by side. The ones that are in boxes were deemed awkward. You can see patterns emerging, the 5 as a secondary number and the 1 and a lead number turned up as repeat offenders.

Opening Day of the Taco Shop League

As Commissioners of the Taco Shop League, welcome to opening day! Here is the PDF with all the instructions, details, and templates you’ll need. Read it over carefully before you begin. We need to make the process of showing your work simple, so please stick to the templates.

If your design is selected…

• You’ll have your cap produced by New Era.

• You’ll receive 10 caps for you and your friends.

• And, for every set of 144 caps that we produce with your design on it you’ll receive $250! When we reorder, boom another $250 bucks.

Buenos suerte Clinkaderos!

History of the Taco Shop

As you begin thinking about your cap design for Taco Shop League, I thought I’d provide a little inspiration. Here’s a history of the San Diego Taco Shop:

“If you’re a taco shop fan, you’ll appreciate the Roberto’s / Alberto’s longstanding blood feud and its subsequent cascading effect on 95% of the burrito purveyors of our fair city as witnessed by the fact that most taco shops in town are named with infinite variations of the suffix “berto” no matter how ridiculous."

“The Roberto’s / Alberto’s rivalry started when two brothers by those names inherited the original “Roberto’s” chain, the granddaddy of all taco shops, from their old man. The younger brother, Alberto took his share of Roberto’s restaurants and renamed them after himself. As the older brother expanded his number of shops, the younger brother followed suit."

“Soon, both shops could be seen all over San Diego County. As the expansion grew to the point of diminishing returns somewhere in the mid eighties, they both began to sell off their less popular shops. Not to lose the drawing power of the Roberto/Alberto name the new owners of these shops began renaming them in a similar fashion to the point of lunacy. It started innocently enough with Gilberto’s and progressed to such ridiculous and obviously made up names such as Adalberto’s, Filiberto’s, Hilberto’s, Ediberto’s, and my personal favorite Ramberto’s…etc, etc, you get the picture.”

Here’s a shot of Carne Asada (steak) Fries and a Carne Asada Burrito. Both are best eaten after the bars close at 2am. If San Diego Police has the patty wagon out, you might even catch a show.