Big Day

Want to thank you guys for a killer opening day of our Editions shop. We know you guys are going to love all the extra details we’ve packed into these things. They’re gunna be huge in Japan! Shipped a couple there yesterday.

My wife, the Puerto Rican Mamacita, wearing the cap at our New Mexico fortress of solitude. Jay, when do we get to see Heather in a cap?

Bear Uke

Andrew asked me to post how to instruction for my desk that I built. I’ll do that soon. I just helped my wife build one for her studio and it came out great. Wood working is one place where I waste a lot time. I’ve built a lot of desks but this is the craziest thing I ever built.

One of my first studios was a stadium sized space in NYC that I shared with another artist. One of his hobbies is building instruments. He guided me through my first ukulele. This piece is all hand bent and carved out of rosewood, with a mahogany top and an ebony fret board. The only thing I didn’t make was the tuning machines. All the other hardware I carved out of wax and had cast in silver. All the inlay is mother of pearl. Took me a year. It was a lot fun, but difficult.

It’s really important for me to have creative outlets other than Plan B. What do you guys do keep your creative juices flowing? I know Peabe paints and Andrew does photography.

Anyone else? We’d love to see Clinkers’ extracurricular work.

Capn Wings

Two great final updates from Ryan and Derek. Great work guys! For those that don’t know, Ryan’s design is for a real taco shop. And Derek, that alternate’s got potential. You going to submit that one too? Just sayin’, pretty solid idea.


Two new entries from two (actually 3) new designers.

Jefe Hannaford! This is one of the best examples of showing your design process. I love the evolution on the right. The rendering style is super unique. Don’t loose that. I think your first incarnation of the design is strong. Maybe the strongest. What about this, First design, the one without a background, on a black cap, with a half a baseball coming placed on Jefe’s left lapel, like a handkerchief in a suit jacket? The floating element might look weird on a white back ground. But on a cap, it would be a funny solution to the needs a baseball element problem.

Brothers Ben Wilson and Solomon Franklin put together this next entry. I like the demented hatter idea but we need to focus the concept a bit. It’s a problem that Jason and I have a lot. You want to be clear with your icons, but you also want to tell a compelling story. We’ve learned you really have to take a side. In this case, are you going for the Mad Hatter thing or are you going for the tainted hallucinogenic taco thing. I think to try and do both is confusing. Make sense? It’s a great simple icon though, don’t loose that. Oh and the color scheme is dope.

Good morning Thanks guys

First morning the caps go on sale and I have a giant pile ready to ship out before noon. Thanks guys! You’re going to love these things.

Gladd you like my homemade desk Jeff! I made it 8 years ago and it still glides across my studio floor like the day I made it. Maybe I’ll post how-to instructions.

Selection Process


Who wants to win $250? Alright, here’s how the selection process will work. That’s right 3 winners sucka! We are really excited about kicking off this league and we’re going to need more than one team right? Right. The plan is to start production on one or two of the winners, then begin production on the last one or two a bit later. But who knows, maybe we’ll move forward with three all at once.

Here’s how the three winners will be selected.

The final deadline for submissions is Monday morning, October 4th around 8am PST when I check my email in the morning. We will organize a big ballot with the entries. If you designed a submission then you get 3 votes. 8 semi-finalists will move on from there to the next round.

Jason, Casey, and guest judge Nai Morgan (Editor/Founder of will vote for the three finalists.

If you are one of the three chosen designs, we will work with you to prepare your design for production. We will also offer advice on giving your design a few tweaks to send it over the top!

In case you don’t already have it, here is the submission form again.

Have a great weekend Clinkers!

Space Mexicutioners

Two great new entries.

Mike Ehmcke, Mexinauts is the name of your team not Space Tacos. Does Mexico have astronauts? This is a great idea. You’ll be the Rockets of our league. I think you need more action in the design. I love the basic elements, but it needs to be zooming through the galaxy like a space taco driven by a Mexinaut would, correct? Also, what if the filling was stars and moons that would look like regualr taco filling from afar. Awesome idea. Mexinauts, it’s Nickelodeon’s newest animated show.

Peabe! I love this guys site. Check it out here This is a sweet entry. I think it has the most authentic flavor of any mark we’ve seen so far. Love the color scheme on the cap, love the logo. Let’s get another one from you! Great work!

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P9

The Drillers staff loved Driller Man, the oil drop and drill bit from last round. The logos inspired all kind of marketing ideas: “So good, this team must be rigged!” Just one of the many themed slogans we brainstormed in Tulsa.

While we refined (pun intended!) Driller Man, we blew out the emblems in different variations. The team was stoked for D & E, and asked us to merge the two concepts together. The blue flaming drop was a favorite as well, with no changes needed. We all agreed A and F were half baked, so they got the block.

Tulsa has a long history of using T’s on their home cap, and it was important to pay homage to this heritage. Equally important was that we sell the story of the tycoon’s oil drop: Find one drop, and life would change as you know it. We merged a few ideas together an landed on our winning home cap design (H).