Anyone for a little Jeff Love

Jeff is showing the Clink Room a lot of love now that the Threshers season is over. We have TWO new entries from him today. TWO! They’re great ideas as well.

Caballeros, I love this logo. The styling is great. The gesture is great. The only thing I’d change is the color. Can we simplify the color scheme? Maybe increase the stroke weight, but I like it how it is now.

Salvadores, this idea is unbelievable. So great. I love Jesus offering up two delicious tacos. I think his robe his phenomenal. I like the circle behind him. I’d stitch it in metallic gold thread. Like an italian fresco! I think that his face could use some sweetening up. Google image Christ and you’ll get so many great one’s. I think he needs a beard, a knowing smile, and loving eyes. Really sweeten him up. This is awesome Jeff.


3 thoughts on “Anyone for a little Jeff Love

  1. Killer concepts, indeed! For the first one, would a black silhouette of the rider work with the red pepper and yellow taco on a black hat with a white stroke around the entire logo? Just a thought. Also, what if Taco Jesus had sun rays coming out from the circle behind him? Again, awesome ideas.

  2. I’m not quite sure what you mean on the first image about simplifying the color scheme? Like Erik, the only other thought I had was making the cowboy a silhouette, but that seemed so boring when I tried it. I’ll try a rework and see what I can do.

    As far as taco Jesus, I’m glad you liked it. I thought the idea was hilarious myself, but was afraid that someone might think it was offensive. I agree that the face could use some work. I wasn’t real happy with that aspect already, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of time on it initially until I was certain that you weren’t going to curse my name for blapheming Jesus.

    I’ve even got a couple more ideas I am floating around, but I don’t want it to look like I am trying to stuff the ballot box with entries. I’d like to see a few more new entries from some of the other entrants and some of the reworks that should be due in soon. There are a lot of great ideas out there, and I am sure there are more to come.

    Let’s see them….

  3. Jeff, both of these are smart concepts. For both, I think the line weights can be pushed thicker. Maybe even into solid shapes. I can imagine the rider in a solid color silhouette but with minimal highlights on the face under the brim and down the leg. Then there is no need for a stroke on him. I dig our hero. He reminds me of the Major from Dr. Strangelove. Have you tried turning the pepper to point upwards? The way it is now looks to be planted on the ground in the back. Up might give it an airborne, bucking action. It might look ridiculous but that isn’t all too bad. It’s mythical, right?

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