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Who wants to win $250? Alright, here’s how the selection process will work. That’s right 3 winners sucka! We are really excited about kicking off this league and we’re going to need more than one team right? Right. The plan is to start production on one or two of the winners, then begin production on the last one or two a bit later. But who knows, maybe we’ll move forward with three all at once.

Here’s how the three winners will be selected.

The final deadline for submissions is Monday morning, October 4th around 8am PST when I check my email in the morning. We will organize a big ballot with the entries. If you designed a submission then you get 3 votes. 8 semi-finalists will move on from there to the next round.

Jason, Casey, and guest judge Nai Morgan (Editor/Founder of will vote for the three finalists.

If you are one of the three chosen designs, we will work with you to prepare your design for production. We will also offer advice on giving your design a few tweaks to send it over the top!

In case you don’t already have it, here is the submission form again.

Have a great weekend Clinkers!


11 thoughts on “Selection Process

  1. I’m confused… if you guys are getting 3 votes per person, isn’t that 6 caps that move on? How do you get 8? Or are you asking us to vote? Also, October 4 is a Sunday, so do you mean the last day is Sunday the 4th, or Monday the 5th?

  2. Correct me if I am wrong guys, but I think it is 3 votes a person, the top 8 vote getters move on, then it is one vote per person with the top 3 getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

  3. Great Idea to go with more than one winner, as there have been some choice entries and everyone agrees that a league needs more than one team!

    I am confused as to the voting. I was under the impression that Plan B would be doing the voting on the winners. The submitters arent supposed to vote right? If only Plan B is doing the voting, how many “judges” is there, just you two guys or?

  4. This is my impression on the voting…three votes per person with the top eight cumulative vote getters moving on. Do only the people who actually entered get to vote? That was the impression that I got from a previous post. Otherwise it could turn into a popularity contest with people getting their friends to vote as well. That would be fine with me if friends got to vote, but I don’t think it would be really fair. Some people (not to mention any names … ) could get a a lot of fan support and stuff the ballot.

  5. I agree about the potential for ballot-box stuffing. Though, I know my wife and one friend would love to support me, the best thing maybe would be for the guys just to somehow give votes (via email?) to only those of us who have submitted designs or have taken the time to comment on these boards. That would keep the voting pool to only those who have taken the time to participate in some fashion and would eliminate ballot-box stuffing temptations.

  6. Well, If only I would read the whole post BEFORE commenting, I would see that it is exactly like I wanted the voting procedure to be.

  7. Alas, I was an idiot and didn’t read all the way through the post about the voting. Many apologies. I stopped reading after the intro about the process. Don’t hold it against me!

  8. I think y’all did a great job steering us towards your Taco Shop ideals. Is there going to be any instruction with the ballot to reinforce the goals of the contest?

  9. i’m SO stoked for this contest, i think we all did such a great job! it’s really going to be interesting to see the next few weeks. best of luck to everyone!!!

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