Space Mexicutioners

Two great new entries.

Mike Ehmcke, Mexinauts is the name of your team not Space Tacos. Does Mexico have astronauts? This is a great idea. You’ll be the Rockets of our league. I think you need more action in the design. I love the basic elements, but it needs to be zooming through the galaxy like a space taco driven by a Mexinaut would, correct? Also, what if the filling was stars and moons that would look like regualr taco filling from afar. Awesome idea. Mexinauts, it’s Nickelodeon’s newest animated show.

Peabe! I love this guys site. Check it out here This is a sweet entry. I think it has the most authentic flavor of any mark we’ve seen so far. Love the color scheme on the cap, love the logo. Let’s get another one from you! Great work!


6 thoughts on “Space Mexicutioners

  1. HEy Guys my other thought was Lunar tacos or Tacos de Luna, I was going for a Moon taco that was in a moon phase, and making look like a Space Agency logo.

  2. Hah, Space Tacos! Love it! Glad someone could make that work. Now the mMxicutioners need to get ZZ Top to do the theme music for the commercials and you’re all set. I think Casey was holding out on us and saving the best for last.

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