Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P9

The Drillers staff loved Driller Man, the oil drop and drill bit from last round. The logos inspired all kind of marketing ideas: “So good, this team must be rigged!” Just one of the many themed slogans we brainstormed in Tulsa.

While we refined (pun intended!) Driller Man, we blew out the emblems in different variations. The team was stoked for D & E, and asked us to merge the two concepts together. The blue flaming drop was a favorite as well, with no changes needed. We all agreed A and F were half baked, so they got the block.

Tulsa has a long history of using T’s on their home cap, and it was important to pay homage to this heritage. Equally important was that we sell the story of the tycoon’s oil drop: Find one drop, and life would change as you know it. We merged a few ideas together an landed on our winning home cap design (H).


6 thoughts on “Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P9

  1. I think B is my favorite so far! Of course F is awesome too. Man this is some great stuff. I think theclinkroom.com is now my favorite website now. It has officially gone ahead of officetally.com and niketalk.com. Thanks Guys!!!!!

  2. I think D and H are the strongest of this bunch. It’s the oil drop that gives it that implied aninimation and really helps bring the design to life. I love all of this background process info. Thanks for pulling back the curtain for us.

  3. I love the drip on D and H. You really get a sense of the liquid with the highlights. I absolutely love them. And, those two in particular really highlight the idea of finding that first drop of oil. I like the driller hat in A, but it looks like the ball could be on safari just as much as it could be drilling for oil.

  4. I love all of these, but D, E, and H are my favorites. I know this is about the design, but I really love the color palette. The reddish/brown and the steel/baby blues. Very unique and in addition to the excellent design and use of the elements it really uses the perfect colors that are unique to this franchise. I know this is more about design, but I was wondering about how you settled on this color palette and did you have to sell the team on it?

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