Good morning Thanks guys

First morning the caps go on sale and I have a giant pile ready to ship out before noon. Thanks guys! You’re going to love these things.

Gladd you like my homemade desk Jeff! I made it 8 years ago and it still glides across my studio floor like the day I made it. Maybe I’ll post how-to instructions.


4 thoughts on “Good morning Thanks guys

  1. That’s a pretty fancy work area … I have the same drawing pad, but my desk isn’t made of such nice quality plywood … and … who are you thanking and what are they being thanked for?

  2. LOL! I was just giving you s@#* about the desk. I love the whole story of Plan B. If only I had the kind of motivation you guys had when I got out of college maybe I wouldn’t be a slave to the man right now. I did the whole owning my own business thing fo a dozen years, but it was not in the kind of creative venture that could keep me going for the long run. Now I grind out the days in a cubicle … a well made laminated soul crushing cubicle.

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