Two new entries from two (actually 3) new designers.

Jefe Hannaford! This is one of the best examples of showing your design process. I love the evolution on the right. The rendering style is super unique. Don’t loose that. I think your first incarnation of the design is strong. Maybe the strongest. What about this, First design, the one without a background, on a black cap, with a half a baseball coming placed on Jefe’s left lapel, like a handkerchief in a suit jacket? The floating element might look weird on a white back ground. But on a cap, it would be a funny solution to the needs a baseball element problem.

Brothers Ben Wilson and Solomon Franklin put together this next entry. I like the demented hatter idea but we need to focus the concept a bit. It’s a problem that Jason and I have a lot. You want to be clear with your icons, but you also want to tell a compelling story. We’ve learned you really have to take a side. In this case, are you going for the Mad Hatter thing or are you going for the tainted hallucinogenic taco thing. I think to try and do both is confusing. Make sense? It’s a great simple icon though, don’t loose that. Oh and the color scheme is dope.


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