Bear Uke

Andrew asked me to post how to instruction for my desk that I built. I’ll do that soon. I just helped my wife build one for her studio and it came out great. Wood working is one place where I waste a lot time. I’ve built a lot of desks but this is the craziest thing I ever built.

One of my first studios was a stadium sized space in NYC that I shared with another artist. One of his hobbies is building instruments. He guided me through my first ukulele. This piece is all hand bent and carved out of rosewood, with a mahogany top and an ebony fret board. The only thing I didn’t make was the tuning machines. All the other hardware I carved out of wax and had cast in silver. All the inlay is mother of pearl. Took me a year. It was a lot fun, but difficult.

It’s really important for me to have creative outlets other than Plan B. What do you guys do keep your creative juices flowing? I know Peabe paints and Andrew does photography.

Anyone else? We’d love to see Clinkers’ extracurricular work.


6 thoughts on “Bear Uke

  1. That is ridiculous. Seriously, thats right up my alley (no homo).

    I love big muscular animals like grizzlies etc, and i love wood working. Wow, id seriously buy something like that, even though i have no use for a mini-guitar.

    Kudos sir, i may re-blog this on my blog.

  2. Hey guys, I love the site and the behind the scenes access to the design process. In another life, I would have loved to have gone that route. Insteaad, I teach fourth grade. I love it and find it to be a great creative outlet. As a teacher I have but one request for your site; please do just a quick read of your posts before putting them up. There are often repeated or omitted words. Nothing huge, but for a nitpicker like me it takes away from the overall impact of the great information you’re providing. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work. The site is one of the first ones I check everyday.

  3. I freelance graphic design work for monies. For fun I dabble in costume design. I’ve done stuff for Halloween since before my kids could walk and did one for a community play. All hand sewn since I don’t own or know how to use a sewing machine. Say, I think I know what I want for Christmas…

  4. Chris, you made my point for me. After looking at, and correcting, typos of all kinds all day I have little patience for them in my free time. I’m learning to deal. I must reiterate that I love the designs so much I still visit Clink at least once a day.

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