Capn Wings

Two great final updates from Ryan and Derek. Great work guys! For those that don’t know, Ryan’s design is for a real taco shop. And Derek, that alternate’s got potential. You going to submit that one too? Just sayin’, pretty solid idea.


7 thoughts on “Capn Wings

  1. I really want to like the Cap’n Taco, but I can’t get past the strange shadow by the corner of his mouth/chin. It seems like too strong of a shadow being cast, and I’m not sure what is casting the shadow. It detracts from the impact of the mustache. Also, is the black on his chin supposed to be a beard? I hate being critical because I absolutely LOVE the mask, mustache, eyes, and graphic treatment on the forehead. I love just about anything that has stars in it. Also, since you have the white highlight on his head, you could add an extra maroon thread color to do some shading within the mask that might make it stronger. Great job, though!

  2. Ryan- That W pops now with the drop shadow. I think placement of the leaf-shapes are solid. Nice.
    Derek, I love the alternate! That’s a sweet, simple yet effective design. I recommend submitting that one too.

  3. Thanks for the love/critique.

    Here is the reasoning behind the shadow on his face. Originally, I had a beard/goatee thing on his face. I wanted to leave that, plus the sexy ’stache, and the grin on the face. It creates a lot of shadow like your seeing.

    Thanks guys, I guess off to work on that alternate!

  4. The Capn Taco alt is cool, but as a stand-alone the shapes look a bit more like an eagle, or big bird with its wings stretched. It also has no restaurant/food tie. I always like los luchadores, but it has a little trouble communicating. Your style is really great, regardless!

  5. Tom, you’re not offending me at all, very valid points. It doesn’t really tell any sort of story as is. And I keep seeing the giant bird too.

    I’m Just about finished with my second concept. After that, may go back to the alternate.

  6. Thanks Erik! That shadow made a huge difference and making it a red top instead of black makes the W pop too.

    Great work on yours Derek! Awesome job!

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