Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P8

“Just wondering what the thought process for the banner on (Part 7) B was?” -GMac

Great question Greg. “Pageantry” is one of team personality traits. We made a concerted effort to really play up Pageantry in these concepts. ‘E’ below is all about Pageantry and Regalness.

You’ll notice the concepts are polished and majestic, not grungy and dirty. This is on purpose. We all wanted the brand to represent clean, mighty Oil Tycoons, not dirty Wildcatters.

You’ll also notice the oil drop is singled out in ‘B’. As we discussed the history of Tulsa oil tycoons with the team, it became very clear that all you needed was one single drop, and your destiny would change forever. Like winning the lottery, your life will never be the same. Everyone agreed the power and symbolism of the single drop should play an important role in the identity.

Finally, how could you be the “Tulsa” Drillers without paying homage to the 76 foot tall “Golden Driller”?! The largest world’s largest freestanding statute had to make an appearance.

Revision Fiesta

Three great revisions.

Jeff’s Salvadoros, done.

Kevin’s Taco Bulls, done.

Mike’s My O’ Mayan, done.

These are all great guys. I’d say we should let this thing run for a couple more weeks.

These are my thoughts on picking our first winner. We will compile all the entries. We’ll each get three votes, in no particular order. From there, Jason and I would like to work with the top 10 entries to spiff them up. Get them ready for production. Impart the knowledge that we’ve learned about what works best on a cap. Then we’ll have a final vote.

Any suggestions?

Two Awesome Re-Dos

These are crazy awesome re-dos. So great.

Aaron resubmits his great idea and he does it with a ton of options. Love it. Aaron mentioned that it needs filling, and I agree. So that leaves us with the top section. I prefer the bottom 2 in the top square. Aaron which do you like best? What about everyone else? This is going to look so great embroidered.

Tom Richards! This shit is hilarious. Just what I had envisioned. Does he need a “T” on his cap? What does everyone think about the white outline? Genius Tom.

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P7

Being a cowboy town, and having Hornsby the bull mascot, we also explored some bull horn and belt buckle emblems. As I mentioned in early posts, the sight of blue flames lighting up refineries at night captured our imaginations. The Drillers were hooked (no pun intended) on this visual, so we introduced glowing Mint to highlight the Silver. The oil drop was a keeper, but we really needed some drilling elements to tell the story. So it was back to the drawing board…

Anyone for a little Jeff Love

Jeff is showing the Clink Room a lot of love now that the Threshers season is over. We have TWO new entries from him today. TWO! They’re great ideas as well.

Caballeros, I love this logo. The styling is great. The gesture is great. The only thing I’d change is the color. Can we simplify the color scheme? Maybe increase the stroke weight, but I like it how it is now.

Salvadores, this idea is unbelievable. So great. I love Jesus offering up two delicious tacos. I think his robe his phenomenal. I like the circle behind him. I’d stitch it in metallic gold thread. Like an italian fresco! I think that his face could use some sweetening up. Google image Christ and you’ll get so many great one’s. I think he needs a beard, a knowing smile, and loving eyes. Really sweeten him up. This is awesome Jeff.

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P6

When we arrived back at the studio, we want straight to Illustrator on the concepts. No sketches. Strategically, we’d represent the mystery of the oil tycoon and the and purity of the resource. These concepts focus on communicating the Drillers Story, without showing an actual Driller…

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P3

Tulsa also adopted their share of common baseball logos. Pre-WWII logos looked much like the Red Sox – or any other team of that time: Old Fashioned letters in Navy:

After the war, many teams donned this type of American shield logo, and the Oilers didn’t escape the trend.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Oilers followed the script styles seen by MLB teams of the time, like Oakland and Texas. These unis were short lived. Oilers owner A. Ray Smith moved the team to New Orleans after the 1976 season, where they became the New Orleans Pelicans. Ray had concerns over the dilapidated condition of Oiler Park. Make way for the Drillers…

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P4

The Drillers came into being in 1977, when a Lafayette, Louisiana team was transferred to Tulsa. The county built a new 8,000 seat stadium and named it after (you guessed it!) an oil tycoon. The guy was convicted of fraud, but that’s another story!

When we got the call, these were the logos the team was working with. Classic 80/90s Minor League logos for a Rangers affiliate, but it was time to challenge the status quo. We packed our bags, grabbed our sketchbooks, and caught the next flight to Tulsa…

Tulsa Drillers Behind the Scenes P5

Our plane landed late at night, and we instantly got that industrial feeling. That night was really hot, the smell of fresh cut heartland grass filled the air. Our hotel was out by the refineries, so our drive gave us a spectacular glimpse of moonlit pipes, blinking red lights, and skyrocketing blue flames! This was our first inspirational moment.

On our way to the ballpark the next morning, Casey pointed out the dual use of Copper and Silver coloring that dominated the city. This would also play a key role in the new look. But one thing we didn’t expect was to see 76 foot tall Driller Man kitsch.

To celebrate Tulsa’s oil fortune, a giant roustabout was built on the Tulsa Fairgrounds in 1953. Dubbed “The Golden Driller,” he resembled an oversized brass statuette, with a big grin on his face. The Golden Driller is reportedly the largest free-standing statue in the world.

Built of iron and concrete, he weighs nearly 22 tons and is expected to survive 200 mph tornadoes. He was declared Oklahoma’s official state monument in 1979, and the plaque at his base dedicates him “to the men of the petroleum industry who by their vision and daring have created from God’s abundance a better life for mankind.” Inspiration overload!


Ryan Zundell Resubmits his entry for an actual taco shop his family friends own. I love that. I think that this is a step in the right direction Ryan. A big improvement. I’s make the feathers larger and tie the wing-tips of the “W” graphically to the floating feathers. It’s really close to something great. I think it needs just a little more cohesion.

Jeff, great resubmission. I think this one is locked and loaded. Now that the Threshers season is over we are flattered by all the attention that Jeff is giving the Clink Room. He’s got a couple more awesome submissions that I’ll post later in the week. Keep it up Jeff!

Kevin Werther hits us with another entry and this one is huge. I love this concept and the execution. You merged these two concepts together so well. Jason and I are really impressed. I have two comments for you. One I think you should make the horns longer. That way we can see more of it on the far side and it would give the viewer an instant, punch in the face of “this is a bull”. Two, the logo is tall and wide. Meaning that you’ll have to shrink it a fair amount and lose a lot of detail in order for it to fit on a cap. To remedy this. Try pointing the steam coming out of his nostrils in the same direction as his horns. Other than that, this one is awesome.

More entries everybody. I’m craving more!