Final League Ideas

I know this is without notice, but I’m calling it. Done! Submissions for our next League are closed. Thanks for everyone for submitting, there’s some gold in here I feel it.

This is what I want everyone to do. Comment in this post with your favorite ideas. Name one or two. Keep is short and sweet. Jay and I will reduce the submissions to a top ten list next week. Lets hear it Clinkers. And go.

Nathan Boyd came up big for Clink today. A League submission and a review of the Tulsa cap AND a photo. Big ups Nathan! Check that cap collection behind the Cheshire Cat. Honored to be apart of it. Actually now that I look at your wall of fame up there, I see two more Plan B. caps up there. The “MB” is from Myrtle Beach and the Brown cap with the “P” is from the Power of West Virginia. Nice!

Nathan wrote…

“Jason & Casey,

Attached you should find a photo of my Phase IV Tulsa Drillers cap. It’s not a photo of me, obviously, but it does illustrate my two ideas for the next Clink Room league (which I hope to participate in). More on that in a bit…

First, the Drillers cap review. I was hesitant to purchase at first because, while I love hats, the price was premium. But the news of getting packing paper printed with other concepts won me over. It’s a choice I’m glad I made. Like it was mentioned before, it’s often the little things that swing the vote.

The cap (35/150) came in two pieces of tissues paper which I immediately folded up and stored away. In short, the cap is beautiful. The blue of the cap contrasts nicely with the mint around the logos and eyelets. The front logo embroidery is crisp and clear with the metallic copper thread of the drill and laces a nice unexpected touch.

The pencil over the ear is perfect. It’s a great example of “why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” The corkbord fabric underbrim is really nice, though for me it makes it more of a collectible and a showpiece rather than a wearable hat. If there was a complaint I could make it’s that New Era cap sizing can be hit or miss. But that’s a minor point.

Inside, the three riveted tags are icing on the cake.

I have two ideas for the next Clink Room league. In my photo is a Cheshire Cat sporting my Drillers Phase VI. Behind him is a portion of my hat collection. These represent two ideas:

1) Literary League. Teams would be based on literary characters and titles. With possible copyright issues, it would require creativity in evoking books and plots without being overt. Examples? The Carrollton Cheshires (from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) or the Melville Dicks (Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. To make it interesting, instead of an embroidered league logo on the back of each cap, a fabric tag with typewriter-style fonts could be used to mimic the binding sticker and dewey decimal system numerals of old pre-digital library card catalogues.

2) The Editions’ corkboard underbrims are novel and impressive, but seem prohibitive for those who like their brims curved (see my hat collec tion). What about a league with two divisions – Straightbrims (generally the East and West Coast) vs. the Curves (generally Middle America). Granted they are generalizations, but each division could have teams depicting regional styles, customs, etc. A clash of cultures based on your preferred hat brim.

Thanks so much for the great cap and the generosity to share inspiration and peeks behind-the-scenes.

-Nathan Boyd"

Karl our Australian comrade and the man behind those awesome photos of him and his girl, has a couple suggestions for Leagues. The whole world can contribute! I fact that’s the only rule, mandatory submissions from our international Clinkers.

“Hey, again.
i have been trying to look for rules and all for your upcoming league. cant find any, unfortunately. and it seems its maybe only for people that actually live in America?

still, i was thinking it would be cool to have hospitals (as a theme), as in, each city have a couple of hospitals. And many, (in my point of view) have some pretty neat names (St. Marie Hospital, Hospital Millennium, Port Lincoln Hospital, Tumby Bay Hospital, NY downtown Hospital, (etc) and would look really cool as logos, as they could be very stylized, and vary from a needle, to a fat lady in a hospital outfit. You could represent your own “local” hospital, from your city, or make one up etc.

well, anyways, thanks for the heads up for the next edition, cant wait.


Jeff Internet-Night-Walker Crupper offers this seemingly bizare idea. The more I think about it, it would be great to do a team for all the great blogs out there. Pretty cleaver!

“The NBL pays tribute to all of the unheralded creativity available out there on the internet. We’ve all got our favorite guilty pleasures that we visit on a regular basis. Some of the sites are pure silliness, and others are pure genius. Whether you want to create a logo for your own personal blog or pay tribute to one of your favorites this league is for you. It could be a team based on a story you’ve read or on the website itself. With the hundreds of thousands of great blogs out there, the fodder for ideas is nearly limitless.

Some of my favorites (besides the Clink Room) that I visit on the reg are That’s Yummy Bro ( ) written by a SD Padres minor leaguer is always good for some pure hilarity. There is People of Walmart ( ) great for a look at americans at their finest? The Ultimate Bad Candy Website ( is always a fun place to visit to find out which sweet treats to avoid at all costs. The Pooping Dog Ponders ( ) is full of terrific stories and sage advice from yours truly, and there are countless other websites just dying to inspire your team in this next great league from the Clink Room."

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P7

This round we went full steam ahead on the locomotive. Real streamline and real Syracuse. You’ll notice we also snuck indian feathers into the smoke and loco, to pay homage to the Cheifs’ indian era. ‘G’ looked the most mighty and the staff felt ‘I’ was pretty fun. With the more being the merrier, we decided to merge the two concepts for the next round…

Questions? Drop them in the comments!


We’ve got a few extraciriculars from Clinkers that I think are great. Here is Aaron Bird’s best Luchador. Love it. Thanks for the cap love too, we’ve got a handful of Tulsa caps left. Get me while the gettin’s good.

I got my Drillers Phase IV cap today. Wow dude! It’s insane. I was thinking the online pictures were awesome but it is even better in person. The cork underbill. The minty thread. The copper thread. The tags. It’s all done up and still has simple class. I’ll do some portraits soon.

Also, here is a little bit of creative outlet stuff. I enjoy photography, especially Polaroids. Attached is a little fun that my oldest friend and I did. I was accepted into a Polaroid group show and this concept was born soon after. I framed up some portraits for his 30th birthday recently. As you can tell we did a little lucha-style handball. Chris rocked it that night and he brought the vision to life. I will spare you mine. I know this is a lot of man coming at you already.
-Aaron Bird"

More is More

Marty Fox has the right spirit. Someone duplicates your idea, throw down another…..

Second entry! (Ryan Connelly’s idea reminded me an awful lot of mine, so I figured I ought to hedge my bets.) Sitting in my dorm reading Kelly-Kate S. Pease’s “International Organizations: Perspective on Governance in the Twenty-First Century”, I decided that it was time to check The Clink Room. After checking over some of the ideas for the next league, another glorious pun flashed into my international relations-focused mind.

The League of Nations!

Quickly I tried to figure out the rules. What if every entrant was based on a member of the League of Nations (which was the UN back before there was a UN, in case you didn’t know.) A quick look at shows a lot of options. Take a look at that Five Races Under One Union flag for China! And who wouldn’t love to design Persia, Siam, or Abyssinia? The design could be anything from a classic single letter to going the extra mile and looking up national emblems for some of these nations…like a Gaelic harp and Celtic lettering for the Irish Free State? The old League of Nations even had an semi-official logo that would stitch out beautifully on the back of a cap.

Joe Chandler is one of our good buddies from back home. He’s a writer for NBC? Don’t remember, but it doesn’t matter he’s just super talented and creative. In fact, he’s working on a pilot about The Clink Room, right Joe? RIght? Come on! We asked him to throw his two cents in and he came up big! Love these….

The Fantasy Baseball Baseball League –

Most people own and manage a fantasy baseball squad. If they’re anything like me that team becomes part of their identity. I’ve been using the same team name since I started playing fantasy baseball almost a decade ago. What do the uniforms in my league look like? Would the names we choose to make our friends laugh translate to a larger audience? The reason I like the idea is that it offers such a broad spectrum. It’s almost anything goes, but with a theme.

Maybe the divisions are Roto and Head to Head.

One other idea. The Literature and Poetry Baseball League. It needs a different name, but…

Anything from the Shakespeares to the Holden Caufields. If it’s on the printed page it can become inspiration for a logo. What do the Tampa Goodnight Moons have on their hat? I’d be curious to know.

? anonymously submits this great idea… Skate style is some of the best….

I think a great idea for a new league would be a skateboard league u could split it into two leagues the national skatebaord leagues & american skateboard league theirs a skateborader everywere u look these days and this would really be overnight sucess if u ask me team names for example

Fresno Frontsiders
Hackensack heelflippers
Detroit decks
Miami manuals
San jose 720s
Boston bails
Syracuse skatekeys

Zachary Fahlman shows us the brainstroming spirit, I like you keeping fast and loose….

1) State/Province/Territory’s national bird (or animal):Ontario=Common Loon, Quebec=Snowy Owl, NewYork:Eastren Bluebird, NewMexico=RoadRunner, Alaska=PolarBears, Colorado=BigHorned sheep, British Colombia=Kermode Bear and so on you could pick either the animal or bird

2) Savana League: Lions, leopards, rhinos, gators…..

3)Amazon League: Any kind of ant, any kind of monkey, tucans, parrots, any amazon animal

Eric Keskeys submits a killer. This is one of my favorites…

My idea is considerably narrowed down. It pits two leagues against each other. The Mother Goose League (MGL) and the Brothers Grimm League (BGL) all part of the Fables League. I know at first thought this is a bit hokey, but there have been some great modern interpretations of these stories (the comic, Fables) as well as some darker depictions. Contestants could focus on a single character, or the entire fable/tale/rhyme as a whole.
Red Riding Hood:(Wolf/Basket/Little Red Riding Hood)
Rumpelstiltskin:(Rumplestiltskin/Sinning Wheel)
Hansel and Gretel:(Hansel/Gretel ala Modesto Nuts? Witch)
Hey Diddle Diddle:(Endless)

I think we could get some great concepts that break away from the disney interpretations knowing that everyone has a favorite childhood story and an individual idea of what those characters looked like.

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P6

Here’s the first set of sketches focusing on Tex Simone’s American Flyer model. Syracuse and the New York Central gave us a real streamline design vibe, so we tried to incorporate that shiny, smooth metallic look. It’s a little bit of 1930s and some 1950s.

A & C were based on the “Super Chief” – a Santa Fe Railroad route. Although considering the route nor the Santa Fe ran anywhere near Syracuse, those ideas were scrapped. The organization loved the idea of this mighty locomotive coming at you, so they asked to see more of that concept. The lettering was also a hit, but was shelved until we nailed the loco. Tomorrow we’ll show more of the “Big Engine that Could.”

Oh, and Dennis asked about mechanical pencils… We used to use normal pencils, but recently switched to mechanical pencils. Aside from sharpening, mechanical pencils allow you draw smaller while still maintaining detail. By covering less real estate, you’re more in control.

More Big Run Downs

More big run downs of the League entries! Get it get it…

Mike Burmeister offers us this one. It’s an interesting idea, but in the Clink Room there are no red states and blue states. Only creative and buzzed states. Lots of good team names though…

Everybody enjoys picking their side on every issue affecting the USA, usually depending on which political parties they side with. That’s why my idea is the Political Baseball League, divided between the Democratic Division and the Republican Division.

Unfortunately, I don’t have ANY logo-designing skill at all, but I do have PLENTY of ideas for names:

Fat Cats (could be either Democratic or Republican), Oilers/Drillers/Wildcatters (Republican), Tax Slashers (Republican), Warhawks (Republican), Doves (Democrat), Jailbirds (could be either one), Flip-Flops (could be either one, but more likely Democrat), Executioners (Republican), Hanging Chads (Republican), Greenheads (Democrat), Re-Counts (Democrat)

Kurt Hunzeker has got a great one …the Movie Quote League.

Let’s face it, the possibilities are endless. Every memorable movie line – ever – is on the table. You could do divisions by genre (comedy, action, drama, Kevin Bacon films, etc.). Who wouldn’t want to come up with a design for the:
• St. Louis Lifesavers, aka Shitheads w/ a dog and oil can logo, from The Jerk
• Los Angeles Fubars, from Tango & Cash
• New Jersey Snowballs, from Clerks
• New York Boxes, from Se7en
• Skokie Barbershop Quartet, from The Usual Suspects
• Black Hills Witches, from The Blair Witch Project

Old guys, teenagers, women…everyone can play. My wife just mentioned that she wants to be the “Catskills Babies in the Corner” from Dirty Dancing.

Bradley Fieldsubmits his vote for another music league, interesting….

I suggest that the next Clinker league be a music-themed league. The teams could be named after different bands, songs, or song lyrics, such as the Georgia Devils (Charlie Daniels) and England Eggmen (“I Am The Walrus” – The Beatles). Divisions could be formed based on the genres used in the league. The only foreseeable problem with this idea would be the copyright headaches that could pop up. Although, I think it may be possible to avoid if the rules were formed well enough.

Erik Hedberg sent us this amazing schematic! Great work Erik!

Yet another pop culture gem from Kurt Hunzeker. What, no Dick in a Box?…

…the Saturday Night Live League.

With 35 years of gut-busting skits and classic characters, you could also easily have a league of SNL-themed teams, such as:
• The Landsharks
• The Cowbells
• The Ace & Garys
• The Goulets
• The S-words
• The John Hams

The league logo is something iconic to New York, like a stylized subway sign (like the B train logo). Another “test your imagination” opportunities. Oh, and I claim the Landsharks.

Eddie Ray has a clear cut competitor…

A good league allows us to be creative, but stay within a clear theme. It also has good versus evil, a match-up that never fades. Most importantly it has an abundance of routes to go in. My solution: Fairy Tales. Within every classic tale, of which there are hundreds and hundreds) there are any number of options for teams. The victim, the hero, the good, the bad, the location, the weapon, the treasure, the moral, etc..
No logo sketches at this time, but something may come to me.

Joey Harvey’s got a great one…

I think it would be a great idea to come up with a league based entirely on vehicle names. This could include two divisions called American and Import, and you could have all sorts of mascots, ranging from the Cavaliers, Mustangs, Rams, and Sunfire in the American Division, and the Pilots, Highlanders, Titans, and Tribute in the Import Division. The possibilities are wide, and virtually limitless. I’d love to see what people could come up with.

Normally I haven’t put up artwork that we’ve been getting. It’s all been great. I don’t want to confuse the matter. But Aaron Bird sent us these beauts, I couldn’t resist. Sorry, I don’t mean to play favorites.

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P5

Minor League Baseball is all about family fun – and the Chiefs really put the “family” into it. Syracuse native and “head chief,” Tex Simone became General Manager in 1970 and held the position until he passed the torch to his son John in 1997. His daughter, Wendy, is the clubs’ Director of Merchandising.

During our time in Syracuse, Tex, John, and Wendy shared family stories about growing up with the Chiefs. Since we met, the Simones have treated us like family as well.

While discussing the railroad theme, Tex brought in an old American Flyer model train Wendy and John played with as kids. Tex asked us to reference this model in our initial sketches. Tune in tomorrow, to see the work unfold in detail!

Thanks for the Love

Seem like everyone who got the sneak peak email is pretty geeked up about the cap. It’s a great looking piece you guys are gunna love it.

If you didn’t receive the email and you want a sneak peak you need to collaborate with us! Send us an idea for the next League and you’ll get a peak.

Casey & Jason

The Run Down Continues

Any preferences? The comments have been too quiet. Too damn quiet.

Kirk FATE (kick ass name) offers up this diggity….

My idea for the next league is……drum roll please: “The Coffee League”
I love coffee like a fat kid loves cake and there are so many different varieties now-a-days. It used to be, how do you want your coffee……black, black w/ cream or black w/ cream & sugar but now you can order an iced vente caramel machiato latte with a shot of exprssso, hahaha. I live in LA now and theres a Coffee Bean or Starbucks on every corner and coffee is pretty much a religion out here. One example I just thought of is the “Los Angeles Latte’s” with a caricaturized Latte relaxing on a beach chair catching some rays or "The CAffeinators" (with CA capitalized for California) featuring a Palm Tree with coffee beans instead of coconuts? The back logo could be a cup of steaming hot coffee.

Gregory Malek gives his coach potato take….

Having acted and with my love for TV I was thinking a new league could be : PRIMETIMELEAGUE
The teams are endless. Comedy and Drama do the two faces with the masks for league logos etc.

All teams would be based on TV shows:
Princeton Pricks (House – cause hes a doc(nnedle prick) and and actual prick)
Bonton Suckers (First Blood)

Rick Cardenas reiterates the greatness of this idea. This might be our third of fourth in this basic vein…

Big fan of the site ever since I found it about 2 months ago. I loved the idea of the Taco Shop League, being in San Antonio, I’ve seen my fair share. My idea is a “Urban Legends League”. I know in San Antonio we have many and in different cities have there own. Teams can depend on the city but for example for San Antonio can be “La Lloronas”, “Rail Road Ghost Children”, ect. I’m sure you have some in San Diego. Let me know what you think.

Jeff Man-of-a-Million-Ideas Crupper hit us again, and again….

On a slightly more serious note than the Two-Ply League I sent in yesterday…

I submit the Music Stars League. Anything goes when it comes to band names, so there should be no limit to the imagery or names used for the teams. The league could be divided into Divisions with different imagery and names fitting into one of four divisions.

The Hip Hop/R&B Division
Think hip and urban designs for this division.

The Country Division
Pretty obvious that designs here would be of a SW design, but it would also encourage people to try to think outside the box.

The Rock & Pop Division
Think cool word art like the Van Halen logo, nasty metal demons or sweet bubble gum pop images.

The International Division
Think Scottish highland & bagpipes, Australian digeridoos, or Carribean flavor. No real limits here.

And of course he couldn’t just send in one idea…

So I also give you the Libations League.

Open any bartenders guide and you’ll find a offering of terrific libations just made to be the names of teams in an international baseball league.

The Tokyo Kamikazees, the Waikiki Blue Hawaiians, the New York Cosmopolitans, the Havana Rum Runners, the Hartford B-52’s, just to name a few.
Some terrific naming possibilities along with some great accompanying artwork could come from these names and many more.

Michael with another state theme entry…

Just spitballing here. But what about like a league with teams from states? So there would be a Florida team. Think Little League World Series. It could have imagery of things all around said state.

You could narrow voting down by region, or something.

Look into my Crystal Ball Muahhahaha

I’m seeing an email, an exclusive email, in the near future (tonight) for all Clinkers who picked up a Tulsa Drillers cap or have entered a contest. I can’t make it out exactly, but the email seems to contain a preview of the Syracuse Chiefs Phase II Limited Edition Cap.

Drops Sunday night November 1st at the stroke of mid-night EST sucka!