Look into my Crystal Ball Muahhahaha

I’m seeing an email, an exclusive email, in the near future (tonight) for all Clinkers who picked up a Tulsa Drillers cap or have entered a contest. I can’t make it out exactly, but the email seems to contain a preview of the Syracuse Chiefs Phase II Limited Edition Cap.

Drops Sunday night November 1st at the stroke of mid-night EST sucka!


5 thoughts on “Look into my Crystal Ball Muahhahaha

  1. FYI to Casey, Jason and all the Clinkers. I got the email, but it went straight to my junk email folder with a warning that it could be a phishing email looking to get personal info. If you don’t see the email already check your spam folder.

  2. i love, love, love the engineer-type pin striped hats (taking a mental note of that for the next league competition!)! love the color selection too! great hats guys!

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