Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P5

Minor League Baseball is all about family fun – and the Chiefs really put the “family” into it. Syracuse native and “head chief,” Tex Simone became General Manager in 1970 and held the position until he passed the torch to his son John in 1997. His daughter, Wendy, is the clubs’ Director of Merchandising.

During our time in Syracuse, Tex, John, and Wendy shared family stories about growing up with the Chiefs. Since we met, the Simones have treated us like family as well.

While discussing the railroad theme, Tex brought in an old American Flyer model train Wendy and John played with as kids. Tex asked us to reference this model in our initial sketches. Tune in tomorrow, to see the work unfold in detail!


8 thoughts on “Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P5

  1. Im digging the sketch directly below the pencil. The S shaped train. Id like to see more of that, i bet it’d be a great “secondary” logo.

  2. I think I love seeing the sketches more than the actual full-color ideas. I guess that’s just the old school artist in me, but it’s great to get a peek at your creation process. I learn a lot from being able to see what you guys are thinking through these sketches. Keep em coming.

  3. The upper left train looks a bit like the Soooooooouuullll Train train. I really dig the upper right trains with the baseballs on the front.

    BTW- Do you only use mechanical pencils to sketch or do you use pencils of varying hardness/softness?

  4. Agreeing with Chris about the S-shaped train logo, and with Ry Co about the sketching talent. Once upon a time I had some skill with a pencil, and then came the digital world. I rarely start with a pencil anymore unless I am working somewhere that I don’t have a computer in from of me. I have a family full of railroaders with my grandfather, and and uncle retiring from the RR after 50+ years. I have a cousin who is still an engineer with the BNSF, and I grew up playing with model trains. I absolutely love the American Flyer pictured here, what a classic.

  5. Awesome stuff. A huge variety here, I also like the “S Train”, thats the first one that jumped out at me.
    I love the quality that these sketches have, kind of a deco feel or something. I also like how the complexity of the train and its many parts has been broken down to a mix of smooth and steady lines. These really captures it nicely.
    I feel most comfortable with sketching, seeing the bones of a project on paper is crucial IMO. Really cool stuff.

  6. i agree with t.j.. sketching a project down on paper is important so that you can get a better understanding of all the parts and details. plus IMO, it gives you a sense of “ownership” of your logo or project.

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