The Run Down Continues

Any preferences? The comments have been too quiet. Too damn quiet.

Kirk FATE (kick ass name) offers up this diggity….

My idea for the next league is……drum roll please: “The Coffee League”
I love coffee like a fat kid loves cake and there are so many different varieties now-a-days. It used to be, how do you want your coffee……black, black w/ cream or black w/ cream & sugar but now you can order an iced vente caramel machiato latte with a shot of exprssso, hahaha. I live in LA now and theres a Coffee Bean or Starbucks on every corner and coffee is pretty much a religion out here. One example I just thought of is the “Los Angeles Latte’s” with a caricaturized Latte relaxing on a beach chair catching some rays or "The CAffeinators" (with CA capitalized for California) featuring a Palm Tree with coffee beans instead of coconuts? The back logo could be a cup of steaming hot coffee.

Gregory Malek gives his coach potato take….

Having acted and with my love for TV I was thinking a new league could be : PRIMETIMELEAGUE
The teams are endless. Comedy and Drama do the two faces with the masks for league logos etc.

All teams would be based on TV shows:
Princeton Pricks (House – cause hes a doc(nnedle prick) and and actual prick)
Bonton Suckers (First Blood)

Rick Cardenas reiterates the greatness of this idea. This might be our third of fourth in this basic vein…

Big fan of the site ever since I found it about 2 months ago. I loved the idea of the Taco Shop League, being in San Antonio, I’ve seen my fair share. My idea is a “Urban Legends League”. I know in San Antonio we have many and in different cities have there own. Teams can depend on the city but for example for San Antonio can be “La Lloronas”, “Rail Road Ghost Children”, ect. I’m sure you have some in San Diego. Let me know what you think.

Jeff Man-of-a-Million-Ideas Crupper hit us again, and again….

On a slightly more serious note than the Two-Ply League I sent in yesterday…

I submit the Music Stars League. Anything goes when it comes to band names, so there should be no limit to the imagery or names used for the teams. The league could be divided into Divisions with different imagery and names fitting into one of four divisions.

The Hip Hop/R&B Division
Think hip and urban designs for this division.

The Country Division
Pretty obvious that designs here would be of a SW design, but it would also encourage people to try to think outside the box.

The Rock & Pop Division
Think cool word art like the Van Halen logo, nasty metal demons or sweet bubble gum pop images.

The International Division
Think Scottish highland & bagpipes, Australian digeridoos, or Carribean flavor. No real limits here.

And of course he couldn’t just send in one idea…

So I also give you the Libations League.

Open any bartenders guide and you’ll find a offering of terrific libations just made to be the names of teams in an international baseball league.

The Tokyo Kamikazees, the Waikiki Blue Hawaiians, the New York Cosmopolitans, the Havana Rum Runners, the Hartford B-52’s, just to name a few.
Some terrific naming possibilities along with some great accompanying artwork could come from these names and many more.

Michael with another state theme entry…

Just spitballing here. But what about like a league with teams from states? So there would be a Florida team. Think Little League World Series. It could have imagery of things all around said state.

You could narrow voting down by region, or something.


2 thoughts on “The Run Down Continues

  1. a libations league sounds like it would be a lot of fun. lots of clever names just dying for logos!!!

    my vote though, is still with the “urban legends/unexplaned phenomenon-creature theme”. seems to be a wider variety and also could be a little more region-specific.

    and someone already got the jump on it… new jeresy devils?!?! what?!?! lol

    thought of the clinkers the other night (you all invade/haunt my thoughts). was watching land of the lost when danny mcbride’s charachter saw some baby dinos running around and said something like: “what are all these little chupacabras running from”


    love that movie!

  2. Thanks Ry Co for the Libations League Love … I personally can’t sink my teeth into the Urban Legends League, but it does seem to have a lot of supporters pushing the idea. I still think maybe the best idea came on day one with the old time teams idea. That one generated a lot of support in the comments section, and has been about the only idea that has done so thus far. I know we have a lot of other great ideas coming since Casey mentioned 100+ entries. I’m looking forward to seeing what still waits in the wings.

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