More Big Run Downs

More big run downs of the League entries! Get it get it…

Mike Burmeister offers us this one. It’s an interesting idea, but in the Clink Room there are no red states and blue states. Only creative and buzzed states. Lots of good team names though…

Everybody enjoys picking their side on every issue affecting the USA, usually depending on which political parties they side with. That’s why my idea is the Political Baseball League, divided between the Democratic Division and the Republican Division.

Unfortunately, I don’t have ANY logo-designing skill at all, but I do have PLENTY of ideas for names:

Fat Cats (could be either Democratic or Republican), Oilers/Drillers/Wildcatters (Republican), Tax Slashers (Republican), Warhawks (Republican), Doves (Democrat), Jailbirds (could be either one), Flip-Flops (could be either one, but more likely Democrat), Executioners (Republican), Hanging Chads (Republican), Greenheads (Democrat), Re-Counts (Democrat)

Kurt Hunzeker has got a great one …the Movie Quote League.

Let’s face it, the possibilities are endless. Every memorable movie line – ever – is on the table. You could do divisions by genre (comedy, action, drama, Kevin Bacon films, etc.). Who wouldn’t want to come up with a design for the:
• St. Louis Lifesavers, aka Shitheads w/ a dog and oil can logo, from The Jerk
• Los Angeles Fubars, from Tango & Cash
• New Jersey Snowballs, from Clerks
• New York Boxes, from Se7en
• Skokie Barbershop Quartet, from The Usual Suspects
• Black Hills Witches, from The Blair Witch Project

Old guys, teenagers, women…everyone can play. My wife just mentioned that she wants to be the “Catskills Babies in the Corner” from Dirty Dancing.

Bradley Fieldsubmits his vote for another music league, interesting….

I suggest that the next Clinker league be a music-themed league. The teams could be named after different bands, songs, or song lyrics, such as the Georgia Devils (Charlie Daniels) and England Eggmen (“I Am The Walrus” – The Beatles). Divisions could be formed based on the genres used in the league. The only foreseeable problem with this idea would be the copyright headaches that could pop up. Although, I think it may be possible to avoid if the rules were formed well enough.

Erik Hedberg sent us this amazing schematic! Great work Erik!

Yet another pop culture gem from Kurt Hunzeker. What, no Dick in a Box?…

…the Saturday Night Live League.

With 35 years of gut-busting skits and classic characters, you could also easily have a league of SNL-themed teams, such as:
• The Landsharks
• The Cowbells
• The Ace & Garys
• The Goulets
• The S-words
• The John Hams

The league logo is something iconic to New York, like a stylized subway sign (like the B train logo). Another “test your imagination” opportunities. Oh, and I claim the Landsharks.

Eddie Ray has a clear cut competitor…

A good league allows us to be creative, but stay within a clear theme. It also has good versus evil, a match-up that never fades. Most importantly it has an abundance of routes to go in. My solution: Fairy Tales. Within every classic tale, of which there are hundreds and hundreds) there are any number of options for teams. The victim, the hero, the good, the bad, the location, the weapon, the treasure, the moral, etc..
No logo sketches at this time, but something may come to me.

Joey Harvey’s got a great one…

I think it would be a great idea to come up with a league based entirely on vehicle names. This could include two divisions called American and Import, and you could have all sorts of mascots, ranging from the Cavaliers, Mustangs, Rams, and Sunfire in the American Division, and the Pilots, Highlanders, Titans, and Tribute in the Import Division. The possibilities are wide, and virtually limitless. I’d love to see what people could come up with.

Normally I haven’t put up artwork that we’ve been getting. It’s all been great. I don’t want to confuse the matter. But Aaron Bird sent us these beauts, I couldn’t resist. Sorry, I don’t mean to play favorites.


10 thoughts on “More Big Run Downs

  1. Awesome logos from Aaron and great sketches from Erik. I like it! I feel that the Urban Legends/Myth idea is popping up quite a bit here. Fellow Clinkers, how do you guys feel about this idea? Just curious…..

  2. I mentioned yesterday that for some reason I can’t seem to wrap my arms around an urban legends league. Not sure why. Maybe if I brainstormed it a bit I could come around. One thing though is that in his original instructions Casey mentioned the person who named the league would get judging rights in the end. Since we have at least 4 entries already, and potentially more we could end up with a lot of judges…

  3. Oh great job Aaron, and thanks for making me look lame. I didn’t get my artwork put up for the Libations League. We know who is the favorite now…

  4. Hedberg, you do great work… love the sketches!

    Davila, the image that sticks out in my mind is belushi as a bee. lol! or, who could forget the family that claimed “we are from france…”

  5. urban legends and cocktail league look pretty sick, also the underwater league from before make all those hats with waterproof material

  6. Can I change the subject for one fleeting moment and show the Phillies some love. We know that Jason and Casey have got some love from the Phillies….

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