We’ve got a few extraciriculars from Clinkers that I think are great. Here is Aaron Bird’s best Luchador. Love it. Thanks for the cap love too, we’ve got a handful of Tulsa caps left. Get me while the gettin’s good.

I got my Drillers Phase IV cap today. Wow dude! It’s insane. I was thinking the online pictures were awesome but it is even better in person. The cork underbill. The minty thread. The copper thread. The tags. It’s all done up and still has simple class. I’ll do some portraits soon.

Also, here is a little bit of creative outlet stuff. I enjoy photography, especially Polaroids. Attached is a little fun that my oldest friend and I did. I was accepted into a Polaroid group show and this concept was born soon after. I framed up some portraits for his 30th birthday recently. As you can tell we did a little lucha-style handball. Chris rocked it that night and he brought the vision to life. I will spare you mine. I know this is a lot of man coming at you already.
-Aaron Bird"


2 thoughts on “Luchador

  1. I am so going to have to find a way to get me one of those hats. Even if it means getting in dutch with the wife. The reviews have been so great. Maybe I’ll put my 1911 Cy Young Sweet Caporal pin up on ebay to get some cash into my Paypal account to subvert the regular debit card…it may take a week, but that cap will be mine!

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