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Marty Fox has the right spirit. Someone duplicates your idea, throw down another…..

Second entry! (Ryan Connelly’s idea reminded me an awful lot of mine, so I figured I ought to hedge my bets.) Sitting in my dorm reading Kelly-Kate S. Pease’s “International Organizations: Perspective on Governance in the Twenty-First Century”, I decided that it was time to check The Clink Room. After checking over some of the ideas for the next league, another glorious pun flashed into my international relations-focused mind.

The League of Nations!

Quickly I tried to figure out the rules. What if every entrant was based on a member of the League of Nations (which was the UN back before there was a UN, in case you didn’t know.) A quick look at shows a lot of options. Take a look at that Five Races Under One Union flag for China! And who wouldn’t love to design Persia, Siam, or Abyssinia? The design could be anything from a classic single letter to going the extra mile and looking up national emblems for some of these nations…like a Gaelic harp and Celtic lettering for the Irish Free State? The old League of Nations even had an semi-official logo that would stitch out beautifully on the back of a cap.

Joe Chandler is one of our good buddies from back home. He’s a writer for NBC? Don’t remember, but it doesn’t matter he’s just super talented and creative. In fact, he’s working on a pilot about The Clink Room, right Joe? RIght? Come on! We asked him to throw his two cents in and he came up big! Love these….

The Fantasy Baseball Baseball League –

Most people own and manage a fantasy baseball squad. If they’re anything like me that team becomes part of their identity. I’ve been using the same team name since I started playing fantasy baseball almost a decade ago. What do the uniforms in my league look like? Would the names we choose to make our friends laugh translate to a larger audience? The reason I like the idea is that it offers such a broad spectrum. It’s almost anything goes, but with a theme.

Maybe the divisions are Roto and Head to Head.

One other idea. The Literature and Poetry Baseball League. It needs a different name, but…

Anything from the Shakespeares to the Holden Caufields. If it’s on the printed page it can become inspiration for a logo. What do the Tampa Goodnight Moons have on their hat? I’d be curious to know.

? anonymously submits this great idea… Skate style is some of the best….

I think a great idea for a new league would be a skateboard league u could split it into two leagues the national skatebaord leagues & american skateboard league theirs a skateborader everywere u look these days and this would really be overnight sucess if u ask me team names for example

Fresno Frontsiders
Hackensack heelflippers
Detroit decks
Miami manuals
San jose 720s
Boston bails
Syracuse skatekeys

Zachary Fahlman shows us the brainstroming spirit, I like you keeping fast and loose….

1) State/Province/Territory’s national bird (or animal):Ontario=Common Loon, Quebec=Snowy Owl, NewYork:Eastren Bluebird, NewMexico=RoadRunner, Alaska=PolarBears, Colorado=BigHorned sheep, British Colombia=Kermode Bear and so on you could pick either the animal or bird

2) Savana League: Lions, leopards, rhinos, gators…..

3)Amazon League: Any kind of ant, any kind of monkey, tucans, parrots, any amazon animal

Eric Keskeys submits a killer. This is one of my favorites…

My idea is considerably narrowed down. It pits two leagues against each other. The Mother Goose League (MGL) and the Brothers Grimm League (BGL) all part of the Fables League. I know at first thought this is a bit hokey, but there have been some great modern interpretations of these stories (the comic, Fables) as well as some darker depictions. Contestants could focus on a single character, or the entire fable/tale/rhyme as a whole.
Red Riding Hood:(Wolf/Basket/Little Red Riding Hood)
Rumpelstiltskin:(Rumplestiltskin/Sinning Wheel)
Hansel and Gretel:(Hansel/Gretel ala Modesto Nuts? Witch)
Hey Diddle Diddle:(Endless)

I think we could get some great concepts that break away from the disney interpretations knowing that everyone has a favorite childhood story and an individual idea of what those characters looked like.


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