Final League Ideas

I know this is without notice, but I’m calling it. Done! Submissions for our next League are closed. Thanks for everyone for submitting, there’s some gold in here I feel it.

This is what I want everyone to do. Comment in this post with your favorite ideas. Name one or two. Keep is short and sweet. Jay and I will reduce the submissions to a top ten list next week. Lets hear it Clinkers. And go.

Nathan Boyd came up big for Clink today. A League submission and a review of the Tulsa cap AND a photo. Big ups Nathan! Check that cap collection behind the Cheshire Cat. Honored to be apart of it. Actually now that I look at your wall of fame up there, I see two more Plan B. caps up there. The “MB” is from Myrtle Beach and the Brown cap with the “P” is from the Power of West Virginia. Nice!

Nathan wrote…

“Jason & Casey,

Attached you should find a photo of my Phase IV Tulsa Drillers cap. It’s not a photo of me, obviously, but it does illustrate my two ideas for the next Clink Room league (which I hope to participate in). More on that in a bit…

First, the Drillers cap review. I was hesitant to purchase at first because, while I love hats, the price was premium. But the news of getting packing paper printed with other concepts won me over. It’s a choice I’m glad I made. Like it was mentioned before, it’s often the little things that swing the vote.

The cap (35/150) came in two pieces of tissues paper which I immediately folded up and stored away. In short, the cap is beautiful. The blue of the cap contrasts nicely with the mint around the logos and eyelets. The front logo embroidery is crisp and clear with the metallic copper thread of the drill and laces a nice unexpected touch.

The pencil over the ear is perfect. It’s a great example of “why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” The corkbord fabric underbrim is really nice, though for me it makes it more of a collectible and a showpiece rather than a wearable hat. If there was a complaint I could make it’s that New Era cap sizing can be hit or miss. But that’s a minor point.

Inside, the three riveted tags are icing on the cake.

I have two ideas for the next Clink Room league. In my photo is a Cheshire Cat sporting my Drillers Phase VI. Behind him is a portion of my hat collection. These represent two ideas:

1) Literary League. Teams would be based on literary characters and titles. With possible copyright issues, it would require creativity in evoking books and plots without being overt. Examples? The Carrollton Cheshires (from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) or the Melville Dicks (Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. To make it interesting, instead of an embroidered league logo on the back of each cap, a fabric tag with typewriter-style fonts could be used to mimic the binding sticker and dewey decimal system numerals of old pre-digital library card catalogues.

2) The Editions’ corkboard underbrims are novel and impressive, but seem prohibitive for those who like their brims curved (see my hat collec tion). What about a league with two divisions – Straightbrims (generally the East and West Coast) vs. the Curves (generally Middle America). Granted they are generalizations, but each division could have teams depicting regional styles, customs, etc. A clash of cultures based on your preferred hat brim.

Thanks so much for the great cap and the generosity to share inspiration and peeks behind-the-scenes.

-Nathan Boyd"

Karl our Australian comrade and the man behind those awesome photos of him and his girl, has a couple suggestions for Leagues. The whole world can contribute! I fact that’s the only rule, mandatory submissions from our international Clinkers.

“Hey, again.
i have been trying to look for rules and all for your upcoming league. cant find any, unfortunately. and it seems its maybe only for people that actually live in America?

still, i was thinking it would be cool to have hospitals (as a theme), as in, each city have a couple of hospitals. And many, (in my point of view) have some pretty neat names (St. Marie Hospital, Hospital Millennium, Port Lincoln Hospital, Tumby Bay Hospital, NY downtown Hospital, (etc) and would look really cool as logos, as they could be very stylized, and vary from a needle, to a fat lady in a hospital outfit. You could represent your own “local” hospital, from your city, or make one up etc.

well, anyways, thanks for the heads up for the next edition, cant wait.


Jeff Internet-Night-Walker Crupper offers this seemingly bizare idea. The more I think about it, it would be great to do a team for all the great blogs out there. Pretty cleaver!

“The NBL pays tribute to all of the unheralded creativity available out there on the internet. We’ve all got our favorite guilty pleasures that we visit on a regular basis. Some of the sites are pure silliness, and others are pure genius. Whether you want to create a logo for your own personal blog or pay tribute to one of your favorites this league is for you. It could be a team based on a story you’ve read or on the website itself. With the hundreds of thousands of great blogs out there, the fodder for ideas is nearly limitless.

Some of my favorites (besides the Clink Room) that I visit on the reg are That’s Yummy Bro ( ) written by a SD Padres minor leaguer is always good for some pure hilarity. There is People of Walmart ( ) great for a look at americans at their finest? The Ultimate Bad Candy Website ( is always a fun place to visit to find out which sweet treats to avoid at all costs. The Pooping Dog Ponders ( ) is full of terrific stories and sage advice from yours truly, and there are countless other websites just dying to inspire your team in this next great league from the Clink Room."


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