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We’ve been getting so many entries that we’re really falling behind. So I’m going to offer the abridged version of all the entries for a while. I know you guys put a lot of hard work into these, I appolgize for having to cut them down so much.

Erik Davila’s Band League…

99.9% of us listen to music of some kind…and most of us at one point have been in or have wanted to be in a band. Well, here’s your chance to put an image to that dream. 4 divisions: ROCK, RAP/HIPHOP, COUNTRY, POP

Patrick Cummings’ Vices League…

I think it’d be great to see some logo depictions of everyone’s
personal Vice. From smoking to fatty foods, to not exercising the
possibilities are endless.

Tim Leccese’s got a couple…

One, is a Civil War League, so kind of like the Cold War League there’s room for two divisions/leagues. Also I feel that there are a lot of material for inspiration because most states/areas have some story or other about their contribution to the war. And military imagery is so prevalent that there’s a pretty good base for designs. It don’t have access to a scanner, but a possible logo could be like a general’s patch with crossed swords or rifles…something simple.

The second, could be a Mythology League, or something similar. I’m currently taking a class on Classical Mythology, so the idea’s been in my head for a while. Again, there’s just a lot of images and stories to draw from. And it’s not just necessary Greek or Roman, but there’s a lot of great, sometimes neglected material from other cultures, like Norse, Asian, and African myths. When I think myth the first image that comes to mind, although fairly bias, is a laurel wreath so I guess that’s a possible logo.

Marty Fox offers up his best D&D verbiage….

After fighting and mischief-making since time immemorial, the citizens of the Realm of Imagination have had enough of their squabbling, and have decided to settle their differences once and for all a Grand Tournament of Baseball. But beware the Dragons (they throw fire!), Monkey’s team will likely be up to their old tricks, the Angry Villagers might use their bats for more than just batting in their game against the Ogres, and let’s just hope the Werewolves aren’t scheduled a game at night!

Now every fantasy character you could imagine is gathering a team to enter this Fantasy Baseball League, and they have chosen Casey and Jason of Plan B Branding as the League’s administrators. As humans, and residents of the Realm of Reality (most of the time), they felt they would be the most impartial judges as to which teams are included in the final League, a responsibility they are democratically delegating to their loyal Clinkers! Your job as designers is to create an entry for one of these teams. We’d love to hear the story (nay, the legend!) of how this team was formed, and why they chose the logos they did to represent themselves. Be imaginative! Be fantastic!

Ryan P. Martin keeps it short and sweet…

I think it would be awesome to do a “state” league, where each state has a team with a name and imagery based on an important piece of the state’s history, landscape, economy, National landmarks, state animal, mineral, flower, etc. For example, the South Dakota team could be the Rushmores, or something to that effect. Washington Redwoods, Georgia Peaches, Maine Lobsters…

Another great one fromErik Davila Backyard League (very good name)…

Let’s get personal. Most of us hold our hometown close to the heart. Let’s take
that pride and try to capture it by developing an entire franchise based in your hometown/city. Even if your place already has a team, start a new one. How can your idea better represent your town? We’ll focus mainly on the logo design, but let’s hear the history of your town/city, the reason why you chose the name of your team, and maybe some uniform design, alternate logos, mascot ideas, promotions….etc. Just think….a brand new franchise in your own backyard!

Greg McCulloch hit’s it right to the sweet spot with this Micro Brew League…

I believe this could be the next great Clink Room league. There are seemingly endless choices for names and mascots both the wild and the down right funny. With beer names like Spotted cow, flying dog, flat tire, and my personal favourite, Maudite (the Damned), there some great concepts that could come from it. I already have a vision for Maudite, its label includes an image of a flying canoe from the famous Quebec folk tale of lumberjacks that sold their souls to the devil to get home for Christmas using a flying canoe. Well that writes itself.

Jeff “Never-Failith-to-Shock-N-Awe” Crupper offers up the Two Ply League (You need to work for Nickelodeon Jeff…

I’ve teamed up with a good buddy of mine to create the Two Ply League. I figured if a colon in the shape of an M and a plunger could make the finals in the Taco Shop League then why not?

Teams could be: Portland Plumbers, Reno Royal Flush, Hershey Squirts, Hartford Holy Shiites, Scranton Squeeze, Oakland Outhouse, Clearwater Commodes, Uttica Urinals, Princeton Procologists, Detroit Dogpile, Cleveland Steamers, Boston Bombers, Pittsburgh Porcelin Bus, Greenwich Gas, London Fog, Denver Duece

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P4

The part of the SkyChiefs fan experience that inspired us most was the CSX railroad mainline runs behind the stadium. Fans can expect to to see both Amtrak trains shuttling between Niagara Falls and New York City – and CSX freight trains.

While many clubs boast outfield rail lines, the SkyChiefs press box and CSX engineers maintain an pretty unorthodox communication line. Whenever a CSX engineer passes the ballpark, he’ll blow a few friendly blasts on the air horn. Not to be seen as impolite, the SkyChiefs developed their own artificial air horn to return the neighborly, “Hello!” Meeting fans and community leaders, drink beer and eating hot dogs – and the constant horn blowing made baseball in Syracuse a one-of-a-kind experience.

Through further research, we learned the mighty New York Central Railroad played a huge role in shipping Syracuse-manufactured goods all over America. When Casey recalled an old rail route called the “Super Chief,” we had enough creative license honor the city’s railroad heritage with the “Chiefs” nickname. Then it was off to the drawing board…

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P3

When we got the call, the organization was eager to return to the Chiefs name. So we packed our bags and jetted off to Syracuse for a research visit.

During our time in upstate New York, nobody wanted to see the name changed back more than “Crazy Dave.” Dave is a Syracuse city attorney who is the biggest fan we’ve met to date. The guy buys nine season tickets: one for him, and the eight surrounding seats. Why? A buffer. Dave doesn’t want other fans distracting him during the game! Dave also brings a sack lunch to the ballpark, and eats in his seat…every day of the year…even in the snow!

Dave also has two cars: his everyday car…and his “Chiefs Car” that he lives out of during road trips with the team. The guy even produced a stockpile of non-licensed “Chiefs” T-shirts he wore to SkyChiefs games in protest.

We could see why Dave wanted his beloved Chiefs back. Generations of Syracusans rooted-on the hometown Chiefs, and saw the “SkyChiefs” name as a blasphemy.

The challenge was building a non-indian brand for the “Chiefs” name…

Nais Take Part 2

Nai from top two! These are great picks Nai! Thanks for your help.

If you guys don’t read Nai’s blog religiously by now, what’s your deal? Even if you’re not a fitteds’ head, there’s so much great design out there that Nai editorializes together for you. Jason and I use it regularly as a trends guide for colors and designs. Caps like our Williamsport Crosscutters “W” saw came directly out of Nai’s reporting.

2. Chupacabras by Kurt Hunzeker

Isn’t this the cousin of the New Jersey devil? Nice embroidered detail on the bill. A cute rendition of the fabled blood sucker.

1. Taco Bulls by Kevin Werther

Original, well illustrated, lots of character and sticks to the theme. Nice play off “THAT” team from Chicago. I can already see loads of merchandise off this one.

Congratulations Kevin! It’s fitting then that Kevin Werther asked us this yesterday…

“So is Nai deciding the next winner then? Do Casey and Jason’s opinions factor into the winners? Are the stories about the caps factored in?”

Nai’s opinion is going to be a factor, just like the voting, but the final decision will be Jason and mine. Of course if you get drafted by a Sole ATL, then you’re immediately brought into the fold. Make sense? Oh, and yes stories are a big factor!

Sneaky Preview

Can’t wait for our second drop. One thing I love about this cap is that when you look at it, it has a sound to it. Goes a little sumthin like Ha Ha Ha!

Have a great weekend Clinkers!

Ahum-Just clearing my Throat

Our first international dispatch! Come on UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, France. Fly those Tulsa colors.

“Hey, got fixed a couple of pictures yesterday, did em while doing a photo shoot for a uni project, so worked out fine.

The cap is amazing, cant say anything else, amazing!
cant wait for the next Edition! ill be sure to stay updated!
keep up the awesome work guys, cheers from Perth.

The pictures were taken on the Perth foreshore, with the city skyline in the background.
Got my girlfriend to try it out as well, so thought id snap one of her too.

again, thanks for making me the coolest design kid at uni! haha


In my mind, Perth is like San Diego, perfect weather, taco shops on every corner, but every girl looks like Karl’s girl and they all wear Clink caps. Not too far off, am I?

Nais Take

Jay and my good buddy Nai founder of has graced us with his expert opinion on the Taco Shop League. He has chosen his top 5 of the 10 semi-finalists and given his critique. His top two will be posted tomorrow! I love that his opinion is so different than mine or Jay’s or Sole ATL’s. It’s like they’re real teams and everyone’s taking sides!

5. Montezuma’s Revenge

Humorous, but a bit inflammatory – in more ways than one. PR nightmare. Pass the Pepto.

4. Aguilas

This would have been my first pick. Great image, but once again too complicated to be an effective logo. Streamline that design!

3. Los Serapes

We’ve seen the serape used on fitted caps baseball before, but not in this way. Original twist. The complexity makes it more appropriate for an illustration not a team logo.

We Major

Johnny (icyuod) throws out a million and one…

native american league—-souix arrowheads…apache windtalkers etc league log could be medicine wheel 4 corners

mob gangster league—-st louis fistacuffs…philladelphia speakeasys…chicago tommyguns etc league logo could be a shadow of guy with gun fedora trenchcoat

planets league—-jupiter moons… saturn rings….earth lifers etc league logo could be a star (since thats what we all look like to each other anyway)

make-believe league (anything goes)—- new york apples cores…san fran hippies… pittsburg puddle jumpers etc league logo could be a brain with a ? on it

ball park foods league (suttle nod to your taco league) california hotdogs…balt. popcorns…philly pretzles…new york peanuts etc. league logo could be of a consession guy about to throw a bag

motorcycle clubs league—-atlanta easyriders…chicago rumblers…philly black rebels minn choppers etc league logo could be an open highway

Zachary Fahlman gives us three, Underwater! Gooood….

1) International Culinary League- A Cook with the national dish or something thats very popular in the country (ex: Frenchman with a baguette….)

2) Underwater Baseball League- Various sea-creatures or legends that come from the water (ex:Poseidon’s, Octopi, so on..)

3) Milkyway or Galactic League- Teams from each planet of the solar system and beyond

Kris Hedberg had an independent entry that was similar to Ryan’s that we posted yesterday. It’s in the air! He offers some great names for the League. I have to say, this idea has me the most excited!

The Monsters Association
Major League of Mythology
League of Creatures

Kevin offers up this great idea. We need a new name though. Major League Americana? I love Americana too! Great idea! Have you read “Team of Rivals”? Read it.

How about an American League? From pilgrims to patriots to presidents, there could be many strong options for teams. Want to feature the state bird of South Carolina? Go for it! Always had a love of the Grand Canyon? Do it! Have you always thought Herbert Hoover would make great inspiration for a team? Why not?
Anyways, I love Americana, and I thought this might be an interesting opportunity to pursue it.

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P2

In 1978 the Chiefs became a Toronto affiliate, ushering in two decades of BlueJays deco designs. Initially the hand-drawn Chief was merged with the deco font as seen top right, then in 1987 the franchise switched to the graphic Chief logo.

In 1997 the Native American mascot debate bubbled up and the Chiefs were at a crossroads. Faced with tribal opposition to the logos and a three-decade history, the organization made a concession by renaming the club, “Sky Chiefs.” The moniker referenced a local military outpost which inspired the “Flying Bat” identity.

But the SkyChiefs concept never flew, if you will. Loyalists to the Chiefs’ baseball heritage called for the return of their hometown name. It was time for Plan B…

SyracuseChiefs Behind the Scenes P1

Today we start our two-week series on Syracuse Chiefs brand refresh. At the end of this series, we’ll unveil The Clink Room’s second limited edition New Era Cap! The cap showcases a “behind the scenes” concept logo taken from the Chiefs process. Again, only 150 caps will be available, and each cap bears The Clink Room’s signature cork under bill and designer’s pencil over the ear. This Edition looks spectacular!

While Syracuse has rooted for the Chiefs since 1934, the city’s first fielded the Syracuse Stars back in 1877. Around 1930 the club skipped town to Utica, New York. Five years later, the the Jersey City Skeeters relocated to Syracuse and were renamed the Chiefs. And they’ve played in Syracuse off and on at MacArthur stadium until 1996.

Below you’ll find a beautiful 1963 Chiefs Jersey recreated by Ebbets– complete with vintage Native American sleeve emblem. The “Chief” logo would last 65 years until it was slammed by a baseball bat…