Back with a Vengeance

Good to be back to the daily grind. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I stuffed myself and took a lot of naps, it was a great holiday. One comment on Jeff’s comments from his 7-Ply Charming explanation. Ok, now I get it. It’s actually a great seed of an idea. I think you need to name it the 7-Plys, a very good name. figure out how to make the logo more interesting than the Chamin logo rip. 7-Ply is a pretty interesting looking word so you should be able to find something cool to work in there. Ideas from Clinkers?

Alright, let’s get to work. Erik! This is a great idea. Well executed, everything. I think you need to push it a little in either the truck direction or the bull direction. Even better, imagine the flat part of the truck that attaches to the deck of the board coming out at you and the holes where the screws go would be like nostrils of the bull! Make sense? Maybe add eyes? Great work!

Sam McAlear! This is f**king great! What an idea! great work. The only thing I’d change is ditch the white boarder. It’s a great name, way to go!

Aaron! Killer name. Absolutely perfect. I like the cruiser version a lot. This would look great embroidered in silver raised thread. It might get complicated but what about making a “C” with the other side of the cuffs? it’s already pretty close to a B. Great work!

Glad to be back guys! Looking forward to making a big push on everything now that the holiday is over.

Pre-Clinkgiving Day

Four great entries today. A little appetizer before the big feast.

Chris! Beautiful! This would look great embroidered. Super solid concept, great execution. Boom, done.

Kevin Werther of Taco Bulls fame drops this great piece. Another one and done. Great work Kevin. I think that this could be a huge hit with the younger skateboarders out there. Awe who am I kidding. I’d wear it. Great work!

Eric Keskeys (good last name) gives us this beaute. Love the concept, love the execution. For the contest keep the voting just like this I think that in embroidery I just make the crown and the bolt silver and gold raised. The threads would be amazing like that. Great presentation too, way to go the extra mile.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. When I got this piece, I stared at it for a really long time asking myself. What does he mean 7-ply Charming the Skateboarders toilet paper. Am I missing something. Then I decided that it’s Mr. Jesus Taco himself and that for every idea that comes out of left field some would stick and some wouldn’t. Jeff, help me make this stick. Help me help you.

Have a great Thanksgiving Clinkers. See you next week.

So Much Catch Up

In NYC right now. If I spend any time away from this place, it’s always such a visceral experience coming back. No matter where I live, I think this place will always seem like home. 4 more great entries, we have SO much catching up to do. Next week, we’ll give you double time.

Eli! Great idea, great execution. We’re going to have to figure out how to stitch those bearings, but I love the contrast of the solid B with the highly detailed bearings. Great colors too. One and done!

Ryan Connelly has a great idea. I like the arrow character. I think that he should be alone on the cap right? He could be great lone character. Whenever I thought about a concept, arrows always came to mind. Very cool first entry. PS. Use the templates!!!

Matthew gives us this tight rendering. Very well rendered, love the little red detail. We might need to simplify a bit and I’d ditch the shadows on the stitch version and just raise the hell out of them. Keep them on this rendering for voting. Makes it much more dynamic. Great work!

Another from Ryan! Again, use the template! And again I think the wheel/flower icon is strong enough to be on it’s own on the cap. I do really like the “Paco’s” font though. Another great entry!

Till next time suckas.

Hold Steady

Three more entries. Love how diverse these styles are.

Ryan! This is great. Love the brushy style and how you’ve simplified the wheels and trucks. Two ideas, I think that the head of the dragon needs to be rotated down a bit to give him a more determined look. Also, for balance, carry the red details into the top of his head and maybe his eyes. Very cool style, don’t loose the immediacy of the style. Great job!

Taco-Jeff Crupper-Jesus, I like the story and name of this idea. The fish skeleton could be a great icon. It feels like it’s in between two ideas. Either go really realistic, do some research and go for a some anatomical correctness. OR make it more iconic. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Simplify to the point where it still reads as a fish skeleton with the most basic elements. I’d also give the eye more life, not eye balls, just more character. I also think it need to be tied back into stake in some way. Maybe it’s made out of truck parts or maybe it’s in the shape of deck?

This is a great icon Eli. This would look great embroidered. I think you’re really on to something here. Colors are great, style is cool. You say it’s rough draft, but it feels pretty complete to me. Does anyone agree? Great work!

Vegas Plus Work Equals Lame

We’re in Vegas today. Alright, lets get to work.

Erik, great idea. The boardroom is a great name for a skate team. Really clever. I like the tie on the truck to. I think the color scheme could have a broader appeal. This might be counterintuitive, but your skateboard is so dynamic, maybe too dynamic. Think of it this way, when we do Arena Football logos, we want that thing as dynamic as possible. It should look as fast and angry as possible. But with a baseball logo we would pull back. It doesn’t fit the brand. I understand that skateboarding is a dynamic sport, but the image I have of skateboarding branding is more iconic and graphic. Like I said, it’s a great idea, really great!

Jeff! Very impressed with this re-do. The propeller changes are perfect. First design in this contest’s can. Great work! By the way, what a conversation that went on between you and Matthew. Jason and I were really impressed with the discourse over using the kamikaze image. Very mature. I personally think that it’s all fair game. My Grandfather was a Captain of a Navy vessel in the Pacific during WWII. He traveled to Japan many times after the war. He always expressed a respect for the Japanese soldiers. I think that as we look back on that conflict we can all agree that it’s appropriate to honor all who fought, on both sides. It’s safe to say that even though the US was attacked first, that the Japanese paid greatly. Have you seen Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima? I think that they were both a great nuanced view on that war, its patriotism, and nationalism. That’s it from me on that. Done.

Hot damn Bill Riggins! Bill of Taco Shop League Menudo fame, hits us with this gem. Jason and I are so into this. It’s perfect in almost every way. Kinda want to start production on this cap right away. The name is perfect. Everything. Chills Bill, chills!


Just got done with our Philly trip. In the airport waiting for our flight to Vegas.

We stopped at our favorite Steak shop before we headed to the airport. I know we’ll get some flack for this, but Jim’s serves the best Cheese Steak. Pat’s is great, don’t get me wrong. And Geno’s, well lets just say we have some friends that we’d like to stay friends, so we stay away from that place.

Jim’s is great, the guys that work there are just the right amount of mean and they have Dr. Brown’s sodas, which reminds me of Katz in NYC. Maybe that’s why we like it.

We’ve been getting a ton of Skate Shop League entries and they’re great. Tomorrow we’ll post a bunch.


Jay and I will be traveling for the next two weeks. We’ll still be making posts, it’ll just be sporadic. Starts off in Philly, onto Vegas, then to SD, then to LA, then to NYC.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for the SSL.

Pick up a Syracuse cap if you haven’t yet.

And the freelancer gig, Jay will be following up with you guys in a week or so. Thanks for all the portfolios. Love having all these talented Clinkers around us. Have a great weekend.

First Entries

Update, I’ve saved down the Templates. They should be in CS. Not CS3. Hope that helps.

These are the first two entries to the Skate Shop League. Pretty good start!

Jeff! This is an impressive logo from you! You’ve really upped you Illustrator game. I can really see the improvement. What I like about both these entries is that they stuck to the spirit of the contest and didn’t feel like they needed to have a skateboard on there. Not that you couldn’t use a skateboard, I’m just impressed that it’s not the first place you guys went. A couple things Jeff, I’d continue the circular design element into the propeller. Also remove the black outline around the Rising Sun. We could do some cool things with the stitching to make this plane really solid seeming. Great first entry Jeff, now get to work on the 50 more that I know you’ll do! Oh yeah, and we will be making some uni updates to the Threshers for 2010. We should post those Jay.

Colin, great first stab! Both you guys should delete the Thread and fabric swatches that you’re not using. make it cleaner, you know? I think this is a great name for a Skate Team. And the scale on the cap is perfect. I think it needs more color though. I used to have a studio in NYC in this building. I’m no graf expert but I feel like I know the real stuff when I see it. Maybe a blue outline around the whole thing? I think I prefer the original V. Also maybe mash the letters closer together? Overlap em? Can some one recomend a good graf site that Colin can reference? Great first step Colin!

Lets get to work Clinkers, Jeff and Colin are our Magellan and Desoto of this thing. Show some love.

Plan B Needs a Freelancer

Clinkers! Plan B. needs a freelance graphic designer to do some layout work for us. It’s not the most challenging gig but it has room for growth. You’d be setting up artwork, getting it ready for print. Pocket schedules, etc. Paid gig, of course. It’s piecemeal for now, work when we got it kinda thing. Gotta kick ass in Illustrator.

If you’re interested, send your portfolio (website, or a small PDF is good) to us here…

Casey & Jason


I know some of you have sent us your portfolios to us in the past. We get about 10 portfolios a week so I kinda lose track. Send it again if you’re interested. Beats Craigslist!