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Update, I’ve saved down the Templates. They should be in CS. Not CS3. Hope that helps.

These are the first two entries to the Skate Shop League. Pretty good start!

Jeff! This is an impressive logo from you! You’ve really upped you Illustrator game. I can really see the improvement. What I like about both these entries is that they stuck to the spirit of the contest and didn’t feel like they needed to have a skateboard on there. Not that you couldn’t use a skateboard, I’m just impressed that it’s not the first place you guys went. A couple things Jeff, I’d continue the circular design element into the propeller. Also remove the black outline around the Rising Sun. We could do some cool things with the stitching to make this plane really solid seeming. Great first entry Jeff, now get to work on the 50 more that I know you’ll do! Oh yeah, and we will be making some uni updates to the Threshers for 2010. We should post those Jay.

Colin, great first stab! Both you guys should delete the Thread and fabric swatches that you’re not using. make it cleaner, you know? I think this is a great name for a Skate Team. And the scale on the cap is perfect. I think it needs more color though. I used to have a studio in NYC in this building. I’m no graf expert but I feel like I know the real stuff when I see it. Maybe a blue outline around the whole thing? I think I prefer the original V. Also maybe mash the letters closer together? Overlap em? Can some one recomend a good graf site that Colin can reference? Great first step Colin!

Lets get to work Clinkers, Jeff and Colin are our Magellan and Desoto of this thing. Show some love.


16 thoughts on “First Entries

  1. I don’t know why, but the propellor has really given my fits. I just can’t seem to get a design that I am super happy with. I’ll keep working on it…

  2. I did try going without a prop, and it looked ok, but I thought it made it look like a jet then which is not realistic. I’ll try to bang something out over the weekend before I start on 2 of 50…

  3. You should check out how they did the prop on one of the Flying Tigers alternative logos. It might give you some ideas on how to work it out.

  4. Well Ted…sorry. If I was designing for a minor league team I certainly wouldn’t choose the subject matter, but when designing a Skate Shop League logo for a Japan Air skate trick it seemd like an obvious fit. Where were you when I designed Taco Jesus in the last league? Now that is what I thought someone would be offended by.

  5. Sigh…I’m not going to get into a back and forth here, so this will be my last comment on the issue. Images mean different things to different people. If you are a designer, certainly you have learned this by now. I consider your subject matter inappropriate for what I believe are obvious reasons. You disagree with me. Secondly, I was right here when you designed Taco Jesus, and why would you assume that I, or anybody else, would take offense at it?

  6. Jeff, my only issue is in your story where you state, “to pay homage the Japanese pilots of World War II who, like modern skaters, feared nothing but flew for the glory of their nation. …in the same way the Japanese Kamikaze struck fear into their World War II opponents.” This, for a team in a league based in the country that those pilots’ “opponents”. Now believe me, I’m not one for political correctness, and I really have no issue with your chosen team name. But I am very very much a supporter of our nations true heroes, past and those serving today, and I gotta say, I was extremely disappointed that you chose to associate your wonderful entry specifically with a group who invaded and attacked our home nation. Feels like a stab in the back to all those men and women. And as someone who had two Grandfathers stationed in the Pacific during WWII, I take even more heart
    I am also a Catholic and found no offense in your Taco Jesus design, thought it was great actually. It was a playful use of Jesus that didn’t really do him any disrespect in my opinion(no matter what in uber-religious type may say) But this, and it’s really only the “honoring” you did in the story that bothers me, is something that I feel crosses the line. And it is something that is very very difficult to look past.

  7. Basically, it’s almost on par with naming and “honoring” a team named after the terrorists that attacked on 9/11. And yes, it is pretty much the same thing. A group that attacked Americans on American soil.
    (Didn’t mean to make a second post to drive in my point or anything. Accidentally clicked submit before realizing I hadn’t finished typing.)

  8. Point taken…then don’t vote for it. It was not meant to be offensive, and I never possibly imagined it would be. If I do make another entry I’ll make sure it is all sugar and rainbows…

  9. I’m saying it needs to be that. And seriously, I’m really really sick of political correctness and people taking things offensive way too easily. But I don’t know how you could find it alright to say that you’re “honoring” those who attacked us. Again, the name Kamikazes is not what I have a problem with. Heck, not even the imagery of the plane. They have served their country in the past in honor. But you specifically state that it’s to “pay homage” to their service in WWII, which is basically, to pay homage to them attacking the United States. You don’t see the problem there?

  10. OMG..get real Matt & Ted! I don’t know Jeff personally, but I’m pretty sure this is an imaginary story about and imaginary skate team in an imaginary skate league made up by the clink room. The team name “pays homage to” the real Kamikazes who attacked the USA in about as much way as an imaginary team in an imaginary story in an imaginary league can. I DON’T see a problem with that, and I doubt Jeff was trying to spit on the graves of anyone’s grandfathers or honor terrorists, or whether he hates the United States. Now I could be wrong, and Jeff if you were tryig to be inflamatory, and you love terrorists, spit on Matt’s grandfathers graves, and despise the United State, then you DO deserve all of the vitriol that they have spewed and probably even more you a$$h@le! 😉

  11. TY Scott…couldn’t have said it better myself. I was writing an imaginary story, not an Op/Ed piece for the NY Times.
    If nothing else at least I got people talking about the design. They do say no publicity is bad publicity, and so despite being the first entry maybe folks will remember it now when it comes to voting at the end.

  12. Ted,

    The lines on the pilot’s canopy seem like the should be curving more than they are here.

    Also, kamikaze derives from the typhoons (or literally ‘divine wind’) that turned back the Mongol invasion of Japan 800 or so years ago. So, you could go another direction with out losing the name. I mean, a typhoon is some big air.

    Or maybe just rewrite that explanation a bit. I’m sure a “Blitzkreig” shop would be fine if someone claimed it meant “lightning war” and didn’t say it was in honor of any Tiger tank commanders.

  13. Not sure what made me think designing for this league would stump me so much. I’ve already got 1/2 dozen designs finished. I’m looking forward to seeing more from the rest of the gang though before I start flooding things with my stuff.

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