Just got done with our Philly trip. In the airport waiting for our flight to Vegas.

We stopped at our favorite Steak shop before we headed to the airport. I know we’ll get some flack for this, but Jim’s serves the best Cheese Steak. Pat’s is great, don’t get me wrong. And Geno’s, well lets just say we have some friends that we’d like to stay friends, so we stay away from that place.

Jim’s is great, the guys that work there are just the right amount of mean and they have Dr. Brown’s sodas, which reminds me of Katz in NYC. Maybe that’s why we like it.

We’ve been getting a ton of Skate Shop League entries and they’re great. Tomorrow we’ll post a bunch.


4 thoughts on “Philly

  1. Hope you said hey to all of my friends in Philly, I’m sure you did. Looking forward to seeing some more from the Skate Shop League. With all the new faces in the crowd since the Taco Shop, I’m sure there have got to be some great new ideas out there.

  2. jim’s is a horrible tourist spot.

    if you had to go to south street and eat a cheesesteak, you’d have been better off walking down the block to ishkabibbles and getting a chicken cheese and a gremlin. the gremlin alone is worth the trip.

  3. According to the itenerary you posted your next stop is Vegas. Are we supposed to believe that you will be spending enough time in your hotel to make a website post while you are in Vegas? As much as I would like to see some more designs posted I will be disappointed to know you are in your hotel room on the computer when you could be “doing Vegas stuff.”

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