Vegas Plus Work Equals Lame

We’re in Vegas today. Alright, lets get to work.

Erik, great idea. The boardroom is a great name for a skate team. Really clever. I like the tie on the truck to. I think the color scheme could have a broader appeal. This might be counterintuitive, but your skateboard is so dynamic, maybe too dynamic. Think of it this way, when we do Arena Football logos, we want that thing as dynamic as possible. It should look as fast and angry as possible. But with a baseball logo we would pull back. It doesn’t fit the brand. I understand that skateboarding is a dynamic sport, but the image I have of skateboarding branding is more iconic and graphic. Like I said, it’s a great idea, really great!

Jeff! Very impressed with this re-do. The propeller changes are perfect. First design in this contest’s can. Great work! By the way, what a conversation that went on between you and Matthew. Jason and I were really impressed with the discourse over using the kamikaze image. Very mature. I personally think that it’s all fair game. My Grandfather was a Captain of a Navy vessel in the Pacific during WWII. He traveled to Japan many times after the war. He always expressed a respect for the Japanese soldiers. I think that as we look back on that conflict we can all agree that it’s appropriate to honor all who fought, on both sides. It’s safe to say that even though the US was attacked first, that the Japanese paid greatly. Have you seen Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima? I think that they were both a great nuanced view on that war, its patriotism, and nationalism. That’s it from me on that. Done.

Hot damn Bill Riggins! Bill of Taco Shop League Menudo fame, hits us with this gem. Jason and I are so into this. It’s perfect in almost every way. Kinda want to start production on this cap right away. The name is perfect. Everything. Chills Bill, chills!


9 thoughts on “Vegas Plus Work Equals Lame

  1. erik, i love the name and the O-wheeles in the font. very clever!

    bill, i love, love, love the font and colors! definitely wont mistake that logo for anything other than a mouth!

    jeff, you’re theme looks like it could have worked as a “libations league” logo? hmmm… hint, hint. lol. just messin’ with ya! i like the propellar treatment, great change! and i’ve been holding off on you, but i finally got 2 entries in of my own to tell you this (didn’t want to show my cards)… but… theres is so much potential to tie that logo in with skateboarding! right off, the “rising sun” (especially the backdrop), or the engine could very well be a skateborad wheel, no? and on a lesser scale, the wings could be decks. just food for thought…

    good work by all though!!! i can see this is going to be fun!

  2. Thanks guys for suggestions. You’re right. Baseball is a more toned-down sport. I should know this. I feel that’s the challenge here.

    Jeff, that propellar looks awesome. I think design overall is awesome. I’m impressed!

    Bill, wicked cool design. I love that the dynamic colors fit perfectly with the design. It’s hard not to smile or chuckle a little when you see that giant mouth with the missing and chipped tooth. I look forward to seeing another entry or two….

  3. CHICLETS FTW!!! That cap is so dope! I was trying to get some ideas together to get a submission in, but this one is off the chain! It will be hard to beat it because everything in this design is so right. The logo, colors, everything!
    I would also wear the “Pros” cap, nice colors aswell!
    And good job to Jeff on the new propeler, looks very neat!

  4. Erik: love everything about your design. The name, the necktie, the logo, the whole thing works and is funny at the same time.

    Bill: Love the concept, except the green lips make me thinks I’m being attacked by a zombie. Terrific color scheme though.

    Glad to see two TSL compadres in the hunt, but I hope to see some new names as well.

    Ryan aka Ry Co 40: Confession…I started working on the Kamikaze logo for the Libations League, but used the “Japan Air” as a tie-in to the SSL. Thanks everyone for the nice words, and BTW the change in the story was purely inadvertant (I had saved it wrong the first time so I had to start the whole design over just to fix the prop). I sent the change to Casey before all the hoopla over my other version of the story exploded over the weekend, but hopefully the change can appease those who were offended by the earlier version.

  5. Erik: digging the boardroom tie motif, and laughing out loud. the “Pros” Tie tie-in is great! I do agree though that the colors could be more “gender neutral”

  6. Jeff, I’m just curious why you decided to leave the “Kami” part of “kamikaze” out
    of the kanji? don’t know if your PC can read this but, Kamikaze is written “神風” in Japanese. right now it just says “wind.”

  7. have you seen the film “The Rockers” …? awesome sk8 flik & could just be the name of a crew, haven;t seen that one yet, maybe i can pick up on it in time….
    Chiclets kills! wouldn’t want to see a thing changed…. except maybe red & white underbill checkered goodness…. !!

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