Hold Steady

Three more entries. Love how diverse these styles are.

Ryan! This is great. Love the brushy style and how you’ve simplified the wheels and trucks. Two ideas, I think that the head of the dragon needs to be rotated down a bit to give him a more determined look. Also, for balance, carry the red details into the top of his head and maybe his eyes. Very cool style, don’t loose the immediacy of the style. Great job!

Taco-Jeff Crupper-Jesus, I like the story and name of this idea. The fish skeleton could be a great icon. It feels like it’s in between two ideas. Either go really realistic, do some research and go for a some anatomical correctness. OR make it more iconic. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Simplify to the point where it still reads as a fish skeleton with the most basic elements. I’d also give the eye more life, not eye balls, just more character. I also think it need to be tied back into stake in some way. Maybe it’s made out of truck parts or maybe it’s in the shape of deck?

This is a great icon Eli. This would look great embroidered. I think you’re really on to something here. Colors are great, style is cool. You say it’s rough draft, but it feels pretty complete to me. Does anyone agree? Great work!


10 thoughts on “Hold Steady

  1. I agree….I’m enjoying the diversity of the entries.
    Ryan- I love the perspective and the color scheme of the wheels. And along with tilting the dragon head, maybe give the eyes a more tough, determined look.
    Jeff- Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! I would love to see the more realistic version of the skeleton.
    Eli- I enjoy the color scheme tribute to the Dolphins. Cool twist. I think the logo is a great fit for a hat, however I feel that I lose the "F"s in the design. The “T” jumps out at me and the arrows are a great accent to the design. Cool idea!

  2. Ryan, very nice work. I really like the “Monster Trucks” reference. Maybe a bit of red in the eyes would make the logo a bit more fierce, but overall a very nice design.


    Eli. LOVE the color scheme and the swirling arrows around the logo, but I agree with Erik that the Fs, especially the top one are lost in the design. Maybe a backwards F on the other side of the T to mirror the one on the right? Just a thought.
    As far as the fish goes…it started out VERY simple, but at the last minute I added some more detail. The red X in the eye was supposed to signify the “stale” in stalefish. I’ll try to work on both the suggested designs…more simple…and more realistic to see what I can come up with. I also changed the hat to black from blue to match the brim like I had it originally, and just realized I forgot to add the black swatch…whoops.

  3. i’m finding it hard to tie baseball and skate shops together…

    can’t wait to see what you all think of my designs though. should be posted soon, depending on casey & jason’s night in vegas… get them some coffee!

  4. Ryan: I’m also having a hard time tying baseball and skateboarding, but from looking at the top 10 designs from the last contest, besides yours, only one other had even any reference to baseball at all in the logo, and I think only one had any reference to a taco. Therefore it has been my interpretation that if you sell us on the skating link in your story then the design can pretty much be whatever you want it to be. I mean look at the winner of the last contest. Nothing about that logo on its own would make you think of baseball or tacos.

  5. I sketched out this gorilla (for no particular reason) that i think would look nice on a hat, but im having a hard time thinking of a name and skateboarding tie-in.

    Anyone have any ideas? Id appreciate the help.

  6. Make up the name of a skate park or skate shop that rhymes with Gorilla (or ape) i.e. the Manilla Skate Park or the Mount Cape Skate Shop. Write a story about them sponsoring a team in the new SSL and the name the team the Manilla Gorillas or Mount Cape Apes … something like that?

  7. Well, I worked on the Stalefish design quite a bit trying to get a more realistic versio, but #1 that is a ton of work, and #2 it always ends up looking like a hat you would buy at Bass Pro Shops.
    Anyway, I think I designed my coup de grace for this contest with a revolutionary (hint hint) design that I sent in over the weekend. I’m really excited about the new work, and I really don’t think I’d be able to top it if I tried.
    I’m still looking forward to seeing some more designs from the rest of you guys…hopefully we’ll see some new work soon. Unfortunately with Casey and Jason on the road, and the holiday this week it’s looking like it may be a while before we see much more.
    I hope you all are keeping your pencils sharp, and racking your brains…

  8. I sent one in a few days ago as well, and like you Jeff, im not sure ill do a second unless i come up with some kind of genius idea, cause i really like the one i sent. I dont see the point of submitting more ideas that i dont think are as good as my first.

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