So Much Catch Up

In NYC right now. If I spend any time away from this place, it’s always such a visceral experience coming back. No matter where I live, I think this place will always seem like home. 4 more great entries, we have SO much catching up to do. Next week, we’ll give you double time.

Eli! Great idea, great execution. We’re going to have to figure out how to stitch those bearings, but I love the contrast of the solid B with the highly detailed bearings. Great colors too. One and done!

Ryan Connelly has a great idea. I like the arrow character. I think that he should be alone on the cap right? He could be great lone character. Whenever I thought about a concept, arrows always came to mind. Very cool first entry. PS. Use the templates!!!

Matthew gives us this tight rendering. Very well rendered, love the little red detail. We might need to simplify a bit and I’d ditch the shadows on the stitch version and just raise the hell out of them. Keep them on this rendering for voting. Makes it much more dynamic. Great work!

Another from Ryan! Again, use the template! And again I think the wheel/flower icon is strong enough to be on it’s own on the cap. I do really like the “Paco’s” font though. Another great entry!

Till next time suckas.


13 thoughts on “So Much Catch Up

  1. Hey fellas, i sent an entry in and it wasnt posted. Im assuming you’re just posting a few at a time, instead of all at once.

    Just wanted to double check though. Let me know if i need to send my entry in again.

  2. Im liking Matt’s BNB logo a lot, my only concern would be how many people are gonna understand that mark without a back story? Nice design though, love the colors and the interlocking letters, good work.

  3. WOW! Great stuff…I can’t wait to see more!
    ELI: Completely digging the bearings in that B. Very nicely rendered.
    MATT: Love this one! The word art is great, and the red detail just tops it off.
    RYAN: Good stuff man. Both very nice concepts, but if you don’t watch out it sounds like Casey may send you home with a note safety pinned to your shirt.
    Casey: Your story about NY made me think of the Baz Luhrman song “Always Wear Sunscreen.” “Live in NY city once before you die, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Southern CA once before you die, but leave before it makes you soft.” Sounds like you could be in trouble by Mr. L’s advice…

  4. ahhh… i don’t have adobe illustrator :-(

    i actually plotted from AutoCAD to a .pdf file for my entries…

    a step in the right direction from the .jpg’s i sent for the TSL though! lol

  5. Ryan email me your jpg or pdf and I’ll put it in the adobe format and send it back to you. (Get my email address off of FB or send me a message if you can’t find it.)

  6. Eli- Awesome idea. I agree with the simple “B” and the detailed bearings. I’m curious as to what it would look like with a different color scheme…
    Ryan- I love the Arrow Guy. I think it look awesome on the hat by itself as well with a little thicker lines around the mouth and eyebrow. I’m liking the iconic image of the hibiscus. That’s a cool look.
    Matthew- Awesome design. I think the red detail on the “N” is a great touch to really make the design stand out. I love the color scheme as well.

  7. Nice work to everyone one else and thanks for the feedback. I’m thinking about changing the colors of each bearing to make them stand out more…..
    Good to see everyone has their thinking caps on. Their is so much competition…. Good luck to everyone.

  8. Just so everyone knows, the BNB is a completely fictitious. I was having trouble coming up with a name, then I thought of Blood N Boards or Bones N Boards or something like that and came up the BNB logo. Before I submitted it, I realized the name was a little too heavy, then Bros popped in my head, and combined with Boards, it sounded like it would be some type of organization for youths. So I went with that, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to come up with a story. I know nothing about skateboarding, though I have to admit, I felt a little good when I was writing that. Wish/hope there is some organization out there like that. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up in case anybody was wondering. Thanks for all the positive feedback. It’s greatly appreciated.

  9. eli, what a cool idea! did you get to play with a few more colors though? i think there is a better combination out there for you. don’t get me wrong though, i love the idea! also, at first glance you know exactly what you’re look at. the bearing configuration. but do you think it could be more logo? maybe more solid lines, and a tad bit more simple? not sure how the existing would translate onto a hat, but hoping it would just fine. also, is there a bit of a scaling issue? to me, the middle area (top, middle, bottom) of the “B” looks a little thin. know what i mean? i know i’m critiquing a bit here, but PLEASE don’t take any of my feedback as negative! looks like a winner!

    *the wicked left skate shop hat looks as stupid as the guy that designed it… 😉

    matthew, the BNB hat is sharp! definitely one of my favorites to this point!

    *the paco’s surf & skate hat looks as stupid as the guy that designed it… 😉

    the wicked left and paco’s hat, i’m gonna redesign. the wicked left hat i’m going logo only. the paco’s surf and skate i will redesign, however, i think the option i presented is the best. i will keep that, i will also do a hat with just “paco’s”, and i will do a hat with no wordmark at all. after that i would love to hear (your constructive) opinions!

    eil, thanks for the feedback! the logo will be bigger on the hat, so i’ll definitely take your advise and make the lines thicker!

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