Pre-Clinkgiving Day

Four great entries today. A little appetizer before the big feast.

Chris! Beautiful! This would look great embroidered. Super solid concept, great execution. Boom, done.

Kevin Werther of Taco Bulls fame drops this great piece. Another one and done. Great work Kevin. I think that this could be a huge hit with the younger skateboarders out there. Awe who am I kidding. I’d wear it. Great work!

Eric Keskeys (good last name) gives us this beaute. Love the concept, love the execution. For the contest keep the voting just like this I think that in embroidery I just make the crown and the bolt silver and gold raised. The threads would be amazing like that. Great presentation too, way to go the extra mile.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. When I got this piece, I stared at it for a really long time asking myself. What does he mean 7-ply Charming the Skateboarders toilet paper. Am I missing something. Then I decided that it’s Mr. Jesus Taco himself and that for every idea that comes out of left field some would stick and some wouldn’t. Jeff, help me make this stick. Help me help you.

Have a great Thanksgiving Clinkers. See you next week.


18 thoughts on “Pre-Clinkgiving Day

  1. I really love the Grind logo. AWESOME work Chris! And, the Kingpin one is really cool too. I love logos that use crowns in them. I was trying to think of a way to use one, too.

  2. Casey (and everyone else): In order to completely understand the ridiculousness that is Charming the 7-Ply Skateboarders Toilet Paper you have to see the commercial for it which I have made available on youtube at: I seriously suggest you check it out for a good laugh. The design was really meant as a farce not to be taken very seriously. Sometimes I like to keep things on the lighter side. This was one of those times.
    Chris: I really like the simplicity of the design. Very well executed and rendered.
    Kevin: Wow, impressive as ever. Another great entry for you. Probably another finalist for you!
    Eric: Impressive! I love the design, my only suggestion would be maybe to rotate the logo on the cap a little to the left so it isn’t straight up and down? Anyone else agree, or is it just me. Terrific Design though. Really nice work from everyone this round. Just when I start thinking I’ve done some good work I am again reminded what great designers I am going up against.

  3. Wow!
    Seattle Grind = Very nice. It has meaning, it’s clean and the colors work.

    L.a. Landsharks = dope, nice colors, very clean.

    Burnside Kingpinsj = Crazy, super clean, nice shading, very creative. I’d definatley rock that hat.

    Charming 7 ply = Simple, yet effective.

    This is turning out to be a super ill competition.


  4. Just wondering when the next set of designs wills be revealed? I know I got a couple waiting in the wings, and can’t wait to see what everyone else has

  5. Thanks for the compliments. Ill be crossing my fingers.

    And for the record i think the Burnside Kingpins logo is very solid, i like it. Good rendering as well as a solid concept.

  6. All of these designs are awesome.
    Chris- not much more to critique on this. Killer design. Love the concept!
    Kevin- Another great design! the detail of the orange under the jaws are nice touch. Those colors really pop against the gray hat. Nice.
    Eric- I like that you included an alternate logo. I enjoy seeing the other ideas that the designer has in mind along with the final concept. Awesome work on the design and all of the details on it.
    Jeff- I like the idea behind this. I agree with Eli: simple, yet effective.

  7. These are dope! I think it’ll be hard to beat the Land Sharks entry here and the Chiclets design from the first post. I gotta give it to Chiclets right now but we’re starting to see some sick stuff come around.

  8. By the way … on a previous day I had promised a rEvolutionary new design that would be my coup de grace for this contest. In case you were wondering, the Skater’s Toilet Paper is NOT the desing I was talking about.

  9. @Chris: I was really struggling with how to handle the space on the shark/board between the trucks. When there was nothing there, it was way too empty. Shading didn’t make much sense due to how the design was working itself out… so, I kind of stumbled upon the idea of incorporating an “under-deck” design—similar to what skateboards have—that would tie the design to the name of the team. I like how it turned out, but everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I love the feedback we get on this site.

  10. @Kevin, i understand completely. When i was typing my comment i was thinking “i realize he had to put SOMETHING there, or it’d be too empty..” i just didnt have a better suggestion.

    Still a solid entry, good job.

  11. Some great stuff it happening! Who wants to see a gold visor on Grind? The accent outline on it is calling out for one, to me anyways. The design is complete. Kingpin looks awesome and it’s story galvanizes it’s symbolism. This league keeps getting exciting. I’m looking forward to more posts. I’ve got a few on deck, too. haha.

  12. I have read this post at least 5 times, and I laugh out loud every time I read Casey’s intro to my design. I laughed so hard at work the first time I read it that everyone around me asked what was I laughing at. I wanted Casey to embed the video for the commercial in the place of the “story” but I guess that couldn’t happen. If you still haven’t seen it you must.

  13. I had sortof the same idea running thru my mind as the logo for the Seattle Grind but I was thinking more of a “Gleemin the Cube” hat(shows my age). Nice job on it. I had drawn a couple of Gs in a cube shape on paint but they came no where close to this design. I was making them fatter than your design.

  14. chris, that is amazing! really great work, don’t change a thing… although, food for thought, could you make an alternate cap with a bent pipe following the same lines as the curb? think about it…

    kevin! first off the taco bulls was my favorite submission to the TSL. again, great work there! there’s something i can’t put my finger on with the “S”. have you tried other fonts? but i love it, i think it’s a really cool idea!

    damn eric, that is nice!!! i’m not 100% sold with it on a black hat though. have you tried it on the tan color behind the logo presentation? maybe the black is the best option and i just have to see it on something else to realize that. maybe even a dark or navy blue with a grey bill? either way, awesome logo! also, i’d ditch the alt i think. just too similar to the main, and i think you hit it with the main!

    crupper… all i can do is shake my head. lol. funny stuff

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