Back with a Vengeance

Good to be back to the daily grind. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I stuffed myself and took a lot of naps, it was a great holiday. One comment on Jeff’s comments from his 7-Ply Charming explanation. Ok, now I get it. It’s actually a great seed of an idea. I think you need to name it the 7-Plys, a very good name. figure out how to make the logo more interesting than the Chamin logo rip. 7-Ply is a pretty interesting looking word so you should be able to find something cool to work in there. Ideas from Clinkers?

Alright, let’s get to work. Erik! This is a great idea. Well executed, everything. I think you need to push it a little in either the truck direction or the bull direction. Even better, imagine the flat part of the truck that attaches to the deck of the board coming out at you and the holes where the screws go would be like nostrils of the bull! Make sense? Maybe add eyes? Great work!

Sam McAlear! This is f**king great! What an idea! great work. The only thing I’d change is ditch the white boarder. It’s a great name, way to go!

Aaron! Killer name. Absolutely perfect. I like the cruiser version a lot. This would look great embroidered in silver raised thread. It might get complicated but what about making a “C” with the other side of the cuffs? it’s already pretty close to a B. Great work!

Glad to be back guys! Looking forward to making a big push on everything now that the holiday is over.


11 thoughts on “Back with a Vengeance

  1. The Scrapes logo is off the charts. I like the alt logo much better than the primary. I think the S is a little too skewed. So dope though.

  2. Thanks Guys…William the S is skewed that way on purpose. my thinking behind it was when you fall and get cut up you dont get symetrical, perfectly aligned cuts and “scrapes” haha

  3. Sam- Awesome design. Very iconic look to it.
    Aaron- Cool idea. I would love to see the “C” that Casey mentioned. Also, when I first look it, I’m seeing a “3” more so than a “B”. What if the chain links made up the left side of the design to form a full “B”?

  4. Everyone did a good job but the scrapes stands out to me out of all of them.
    I would throw some red into the color of the hat maybe.
    I like the truckstop logo, but it reminds me too much of the Houston Texans mixed with the Texas longhorns.
    The Cuff busters? I dunno doesn’t really say skateboarding to me by looking at the logo…..

  5. erik, that a really clever idea! love the colors! i agree with the guys, i think you should push more of the truck into your logo. but that’s really great work, i like it a lot

    sam, that’s also some great artwork and colors! i’d totally ditch the “X” though. in my opinion, it’s cool but doesn’t really fit. stick with the “S” and own that. really great idea!

    aaron, the cuff busters is a cool idea. and you’ve set the logo up with some great potential! this is a really strong start to a winning hat! love the cruiser hat, but tie the skate them into it. otherwise, it looks like a “police dept. league” hat 😉 keep up the good work, it’s gonna look awesome!

  6. alright…i might, i just like the x because if you get a big scratch you have to put two bandaids on to cover them…but thats why I have it as the alternate logo.

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