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We’ve updated the form since the Taco Shop League, so give it a once over. Godspeed.

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P10

Here’s what the final “Pops” looked like, once he put him into color – a bit different than the sketch on the Syracuse Chiefs Phase II Edition. Having this jovial engineer with his face to the wind seemed like the best way to render Pops.

As we mentioned, the Chiefs also felt the loco should be posed from a more charging, majestic angle. Great call. This is pretty close to how the final emblem appeared. The request was to round the bottom of the ‘C,’ to make the letter clearer.

Making its first appearance (and last!) is this old english ‘S’ – a tribute to the ‘S’ donned by Chiefs players during the mid-century. We scrapped this idea pretty quickly. It didn’t carry the streamline look, and the loco did a better job at telling the story than the letter.

Oh, Clinker Erik asked a great question:

When you guys are working on text, how much thought goes into how it will look on the uni’s? how much effect does this have on how the final logo will look? For example, for the Chiefs here, is “Syracuse” written on their road jerseys in the same style as “Chiefs”?

Uniforms are a huge design consideration, especially how the players will feel. For example, in Clearwater, Florida we just changed the home jerseys to mesh, because the humidity is unbearable in polyester. We’ll explain how the road lettering materialized the next two posts…

Didnt make the Cut

Here’s a peak at one of the sketches that didn’t make the cut. The logos look nothing like this. Just to make that clear. I think this a good seed of an idea though.


Ran out of time today for the entry form. Tomorrow, promise!

The logo is inspired by the scuffed up decks that skaters rightfully covet as badges of honor. Get it!

Clink Updates

There has been a lot of radio silence on a few of our Clink adventures. I want to keep everyone updated. Here’s the best I can do for now…

Taco Shop League

We are working to finalize all the legal mumbo jumbo with our lawyer and our manufacturers.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels

We are well down the design yellow brick road. The ownership, Jason and I decided that to make the process public would complicate an already complicated process. Sorry for the buzz-kill. You guys will be the first to see the process. Promise!

The Clink Room 2.0

Working on preliminaries for the reincarnation of the site. It’s going to be great, forum, new store, new blog features.

Plan B.

Like Obama, too busy to eat.

Skate Shop League

Skate Shop League! Congrats to Josh Slay for the winning entry. He’ll receive a Tulsa Drillers Phase IV cap and a Syracuse Chiefs Phase II cap. He’ll also have a guest judge spot on the semi-finalist panel.

This was not an easy decision. I know that a lot of our original Taco Shop League Clinkers wanted the Myth League. It’s still a great idea and I think it would make a great next League. But the Skate Shop League is a great idea. I think it’s going to give us some great results. And it’s hard to ignore the enthusiasm that this idea has generated.

Before every one starts designing, Jay and I will be creating an entry form. Tomorrow the entry form will be posted.


Congrats again to Josh!

Let’s keep up this energy. I really think that this idea is going to stretch everyone’s skills. As Martha says “,It’s a good thing.”

Syracuse Chiefs Behind the Scenes P9

While we worked on “Pops,” the Chiefs took a look at this color logo and cap mark. The indian reference was probably a bit overplayed. And you could say the cap mark is pretty tough to make out.

On the other hand, the lettering was right up their alley, and so was the locomotive. During our brainstorming, we all agreed the loco looked like it was sweeping down – and that it should be directed upward to give it a more mighty feel.

At one point we realized that if the loco is the new centerpiece, it should be promoted in the cap logo – so the next round we plan to present it coming through a “C.”

You’ll see Navy & Royal – paying homage to the Chiefs past. However, GM John Simone pointed out that a lot of players wear their MLB pants on AAA rehab. It became apparent pretty quickly that we’d have to use the Toronto color scheme…

Skate and Crypto

Spirited discussion good! Attacking other Clinkers not good. Keep the comments positive. If you’ve never been creative in a large group before. It’s about moving the ball forward. No, “shut up old man” or “that’s stupid”. I won’t have to mention it again.

This discussion has highlighted the duality of Clink. There are two camps here, the design/sports design junkies and the fitted/street wear junkies. Both are important to Clink. Jason and I embody both. We wear Mishka, The Hundreds, and Benny Gold, we also read Uniwatch religiously and love the history of sports design.

We should all be out to create the coolest designs and tell the best stories. A little bit street wear, a little bit MLB. That’s the sweet spot.

We’re going to reduce our options to two. These are our thoughts on em….

It’s a kick-ass idea. I know that some of you that don’t skate might be like how do you put a kick flip on a cap? But that’s the beauty of it. Our best work comes out of challenges like this. It would take research and real creativity to make something cool and different. That means good things.

I’m worried about saturation though, there’s a lot of great skate brands and designs out there. But, that’s also because there’s a big market for it.

It needs a new name. Skateboard League is too basic. We didn’t call Clink, Lets hear some names. It’s true that Taco Shop League is literal, I’d probably name it differently looking back. But it’s not like there are a ton of Taco Shop brands out there.

Another kick-ass idea. Tons of great creatures to design. There’s no shortage of icons, mascots, stories. This is the most straight forward idea, that could be a blessing or a curse. It’s easy to understand what we’re going for, which is good. I also like that we could tie the creatures to locations. The Glasgow Nessys, The Seattle Sasquatch.

It may need a new name. Thoughts?

You guys need a forum! We’re working on Clink 2.0 and it’s gunna be sweet. Thanks for making the most of our Web 1.0 comments section. The new place will let the Clinkers roam free in their natural habitat just like God and Mother Nature intended. Have a great weekend Clinkers, we love you.