And Again

This one might throw some people off. Kevin originally entered his Taco Bull design and it garnered big votes. Really big. It was a great idea and a great logo. Talking it over with a few people, we decided that a taco on a cap might be a tough sell. So, Kevin and I began a back and forth that created the Chile Bull mark. We’ll still use his taco mark as an alternative, but I think this mark has broader appeal. What do you guys think? Rank the colorways for us too.

Happy New Year to all you! Thanks for picking up a cap, thanks for leaving comments. Thanks for entering designs. Thanks for being patient with us as we figure this whole thing out. Thank you for being rad. 2010 watch the hell out.

Back on Track

As far as a deadline for the Skate Shop League. I think that final call will be Monday morning when I first check my email in the morning. Then I’ll finish up all the critiques and get the ballots going. Sound good? Good.

Jeff! I like this design. Really nicely composed. Not into the yellow outline. And the stroke weight is too thin. Maybe go for that all white thing I keep harping on. Silhouette of all this in white? Could be dope.

T.J.! Love some of your rendering decisions. The wheels and the trucks are amazing. This whole thing is great. The only thing I want is a serif on the bottom of the “P”. Don’t you think? It’s got a serif on top. Dogtown style. We need a couple more entries with that flavor.

Blurry Sneak

Sneak of our next cap. Drops this Sunday night at midnight EST.

Jason and I want to thank all you guys who have bought our caps. It’s awesome that you guys are into and supporting what we’re doing. We really appreciate all the support.

This drop is another official on-field cap and one of my favorite designs that we’ve ever done. It has a concept incorporated into it that I’ve wanted to use on an official on field cap for a while. When the team was into it I was super excited. I know you guys will be into it too. Grab one next week!

Behind-the-Scenes Pirate Charlie

We thought we’d give you a look at some of the earliest concepts we put together for the Power on our way to creating Pirate Charlie. The first concept was to mash Charlie with the Power’s current brand. I think some of these would have been really cool.

There’s only a few West Virginia Charlie X Pittsburg Pirates caps left. Pick one up before they’re sold out.

3 Freshies

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I had a great one, I love Christmas in San Diego. The Holidays should never have snow.

Thanks for the patience on shipping if you ordered a cap last week. Clink shipping took the week off.

TACOSHOPLEAGUEUPDATE: We’re inching forward with the first three caps. Since this is our first run with the collaborations it’s taking much longer than I would have liked. They’re going to be great though. Lots of bells and whistles.

Alright, three freshies.

Josh! This is my favorite entry of yours so far. I think it’s a great idea. I’d change a few things though. The eyes and the “ears” need to be bigger. I also think that this design would work great as a white on dark one color. Simple, unique. Very cool. What about the ears of a bat? They have those lines that run across the ear. Great work, I think with a little tweaking this is a go.

Scott! Great description. I like design, I think it’s too complicated for a cap though. I think you just need to edit. Maybe just the flag with a T? Maybe just the text with all the letters that are currently in white done in dark gray with just the A in Red? Since the A is for anarchy, maybe put it upside down? I’d love to see a “family crest” for the perpetually absent. 40 bottles, blunts, chewed up homework, video game controller?

Eric Keskeys! Number two entry, get it! This is all beautifully rendered and executed. Really nice touch with the road reflection. The bomb is screaming at us. Love it. One big problem is The Hundreds. One of the great skate brands made famous by their Adam Bomb logo on fitted caps. What can we do to keep all these great ideas but not be a bowling ball bomb on a cap? Bombs are so much less cool now. A colostomy bag of chemicals on your leg detonated with a syringe. Uhh dude, are we cool?

Banana Deck the Halls

This collaboration has been tougher than the TSL. That’s a good thing. There are some gems in here. I think it’s going to make a diverse group of Shop logos. As soon as we get into January we’ll start the selection process. Keep up the great work. Some of the comments have made me shoot coffee out of my nose. Thank you.

Johnny (aka icy, aka Thumperalliston) makes a nice play for favoritism with this tribute. Made me laugh, thanks Johnny! Where my glasses at?

Eddie! I was waiting for someone to reference this. We need more Dogtown and Z boys era references. What about the wood being bent? I like it in a block. Someone needs to do a 2×4 team. Just a 2×4 with old skool roller skate wheels attached. Great job Eddie diggin this.

Another group effort! Love it. This is super wholesome. Which is kinda hilarious in the context of current skate culture. My first thought was make him more Dennis the Menace. But now I think you should make him as wholesome as possible. The skate board rendering you did is great. But make it an 80’s board with just the tail turned up and the grip tape separated into two areas with a nice gap in between. What can we put in his back pocket? Sling shot? Puppy? So wholesome. That should be the name of the shop too, the Wholesomes. This is great guys!

Happy Holidays everyone! Probably going to be sparse on the posts over next week. Keep the entries coming. We’ll finish up big before the end of the year.

Just Sayin

There’s only one rule on Clink. Keep it the ball moving forward. Enter as many designs as you want. Post as many comments as you want. Give shout outs, whatever. If I feel like something is going to slow our roll I’ll delete it. I don’t like having to mention it because writing THIS slows our roll. Just sayin.

Jeff and Josh! Very good progression. I think that in embroidery I would leave out the shadows and just raise the hell out of it. But for the sake of the contest and voting I think the raised might help. I’d also offer you guys the same advice I gave to the Disciples entry. Try one color all white on dark navy. Or maybe purple cap one yellow character. Just sayin.

Ryan Connely! Two re-dos! Great. Paco’s that alternate cap is pretty awesome. It’s weird but in a great way. I can’t put my finger on it but…never seen anything like that on a cap I guess? Great work! I think that’s a winner. Just sayin.

Wicked Left, I like this much better than with the full rig on it. I think you need to thicken up the stroke weight. I think that’s my problem with it. It’s a great little character! I think you thicken it up and you’re locked and loaded! Way to move the ball forward on these! Jay and I love process and it’s great to see these go through a process. Just sayin.