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There’s only one rule on Clink. Keep it the ball moving forward. Enter as many designs as you want. Post as many comments as you want. Give shout outs, whatever. If I feel like something is going to slow our roll I’ll delete it. I don’t like having to mention it because writing THIS slows our roll. Just sayin.

Jeff and Josh! Very good progression. I think that in embroidery I would leave out the shadows and just raise the hell out of it. But for the sake of the contest and voting I think the raised might help. I’d also offer you guys the same advice I gave to the Disciples entry. Try one color all white on dark navy. Or maybe purple cap one yellow character. Just sayin.

Ryan Connely! Two re-dos! Great. Paco’s that alternate cap is pretty awesome. It’s weird but in a great way. I can’t put my finger on it but…never seen anything like that on a cap I guess? Great work! I think that’s a winner. Just sayin.

Wicked Left, I like this much better than with the full rig on it. I think you need to thicken up the stroke weight. I think that’s my problem with it. It’s a great little character! I think you thicken it up and you’re locked and loaded! Way to move the ball forward on these! Jay and I love process and it’s great to see these go through a process. Just sayin.


13 thoughts on “Just Sayin

  1. thanks josh.

    everyone, the thing sticking out of the hibiscus is a seed pod. it’s found in almost every type of hibiscus flower. i think it definitely looks different, but i think people wouldn’t get the logo if i left it out. left out/off, the logo looks like a broken up, misshapen wheel. so i think its pretty important to the whole scheme. if you get the chance google image a hibiscus flower, you’ll see what i was trying to capture. no bigge though, it was tough to figure out how to draw it too. i think it worked out looking pretty good though.

    rth… stole? when was your team/logo posted on the site?

  2. FWIW, I have four hibiscus plants growing in my yard, and I think you hit it right on Ryan. I knew immediately what you were going for. I agree with Josh about the alt cap for Paco’s being the best. I think if there were a brighter yellow fabric option the top one would be better. I know that is what you had on the original entry before it was redone.

  3. was just making a funny… the arrow looks like a crooked penis… an angry one at that… veins sticking out and all… milwaukee mean weanies???

    but on the real… I respect anyone who submits a design because I am not artistic at all… look forward to seeing more ideas from everyone…

  4. Hi hater !!1lol How many fitted hats do have in your closet??…. Really what was the point of that comment Mr hater The clinkroom is lol smiley face at u!! PS and so am I!!

  5. “no self respecting skater or baseball fan (I’m both) would be caught dead in any of the entries”? Really? Way to make people want to even try. While the skate league idea wasn’t my favorite, i still put two concepts out there. Thats the challenge of being an aspiring designer. There are plenty of great entries. Not too mention this is stage one. the looks will get refined and be cap worthy. Which entry was yours, hater?

  6. HAHAHA! rth, you just made my morning! LOL! i never even noticed that!!! my goodness that is funny. all this time i thought you were one of those “haters”, but you were actually making a funny joke! that’s great though. anyone want a big ol schwantz on their head, vote for mine! really though, i don’t love the “wicked left” like i do “paco’s” or the logo i submitted last week that i’m sure you’ll see soon enough… with this hat, i just wanted to add to the compitition, do a pin stripe hat, solid logo (which has now been tainted (<—- pun intended)), etc… thanks though, that’s funny!

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