Banana Deck the Halls

This collaboration has been tougher than the TSL. That’s a good thing. There are some gems in here. I think it’s going to make a diverse group of Shop logos. As soon as we get into January we’ll start the selection process. Keep up the great work. Some of the comments have made me shoot coffee out of my nose. Thank you.

Johnny (aka icy, aka Thumperalliston) makes a nice play for favoritism with this tribute. Made me laugh, thanks Johnny! Where my glasses at?

Eddie! I was waiting for someone to reference this. We need more Dogtown and Z boys era references. What about the wood being bent? I like it in a block. Someone needs to do a 2×4 team. Just a 2×4 with old skool roller skate wheels attached. Great job Eddie diggin this.

Another group effort! Love it. This is super wholesome. Which is kinda hilarious in the context of current skate culture. My first thought was make him more Dennis the Menace. But now I think you should make him as wholesome as possible. The skate board rendering you did is great. But make it an 80’s board with just the tail turned up and the grip tape separated into two areas with a nice gap in between. What can we put in his back pocket? Sling shot? Puppy? So wholesome. That should be the name of the shop too, the Wholesomes. This is great guys!

Happy Holidays everyone! Probably going to be sparse on the posts over next week. Keep the entries coming. We’ll finish up big before the end of the year.


7 thoughts on “Banana Deck the Halls

  1. Banana Boards is solid. I like the concept a lot, and the illustration is well done. I wonder if curving the block of wood work at all. It might take away from the instant recognition of the wood. Might be worth a try though.

  2. I really like where Banana Boards is going! It looks like some cool 60’s illustration (which is definitely a plus). I think the curling part of the peels could use a little work, but this is a very solid start!

  3. Guess I’m a little surprised to hear that it could be close to time to make a decision on choosing finalists. I count only 39 total entries which is about 1/2 the number from the TSL. I really figured this league would generate more activity. Hopefully Casey & Jay are holding out on us and have a backlog of great entries they are waiting to spring on us after the holidays OR I hope there are some people out there just waiting for the deadlin to be announced before they send in some killer stuff. I recall last time once the deadline was announced a big influx of new designs coming in, so hopefully we see the same thing this time.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing^.
    I think when we saw all the posters voting over and over for a Skate League, many people thought that that would translate into alot of entries and excitement. I think they may have just been the same dude posting over and over again.
    Nevertheless, there are probably some great entries in the pipeline, and there have been some great ones shown already as well. I Look forward to seeing more.

    I hope that we do get a chance to do the Mythology League though…

  5. Eddie, good to see a fellow CCSLCer posting some work here. I don’t get the banana board reference (of course, I don’t really know anything about skateboarding), but it looks great.
    I have another entry, but I’m not sure if I want to enter here or if we have another league that it would be relevent in. I liked the feedback I got from my “BNB” design, but I don’t know if I should take that as that one being strong enough to go with it as my only entry or if I should post more due to the strength of it. I’m refining my new one then I’ll decide. So far, there have been a ton of great work on here. Can’t wait to check out more before the close of this league.

  6. I’m not too worried about the number of entries as a few here have great potential. I think hats geared around skate culture have a good chance to sell-even more so than the TSL. If a couple of good ones go into production I’m sure folks will buy them up.
    Either way, I’m excited to see the last few weeks worth of entries coming our way.

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