3 Freshies

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I had a great one, I love Christmas in San Diego. The Holidays should never have snow.

Thanks for the patience on shipping if you ordered a cap last week. Clink shipping took the week off.

TACOSHOPLEAGUEUPDATE: We’re inching forward with the first three caps. Since this is our first run with the collaborations it’s taking much longer than I would have liked. They’re going to be great though. Lots of bells and whistles.

Alright, three freshies.

Josh! This is my favorite entry of yours so far. I think it’s a great idea. I’d change a few things though. The eyes and the “ears” need to be bigger. I also think that this design would work great as a white on dark one color. Simple, unique. Very cool. What about the ears of a bat? They have those lines that run across the ear. Great work, I think with a little tweaking this is a go.

Scott! Great description. I like design, I think it’s too complicated for a cap though. I think you just need to edit. Maybe just the flag with a T? Maybe just the text with all the letters that are currently in white done in dark gray with just the A in Red? Since the A is for anarchy, maybe put it upside down? I’d love to see a “family crest” for the perpetually absent. 40 bottles, blunts, chewed up homework, video game controller?

Eric Keskeys! Number two entry, get it! This is all beautifully rendered and executed. Really nice touch with the road reflection. The bomb is screaming at us. Love it. One big problem is The Hundreds. One of the great skate brands made famous by their Adam Bomb logo on fitted caps. What can we do to keep all these great ideas but not be a bowling ball bomb on a cap? Bombs are so much less cool now. A colostomy bag of chemicals on your leg detonated with a syringe. Uhh dude, are we cool?


5 thoughts on “3 Freshies

  1. The Bombers rendering is really well done.

    The Wallbats needs a lot more work. It doesnt read as a bat at all imo. The concept isnt bad, but the execution isnt there yet.

  2. As for the wallbats logo I wanted it to look more like a actaul W than a bat so to say. If u cant feel the bat vibe u must be blind but I guess it could use a little remix!

    Ps.. As browse thru all the designs for the skate shop league a lot of these designs kinda suck it seems like most of the clinkers on here dont really know a lot about skating at all or the fitted hat world. Iam not hating on anyone thats just my thought on things but like casey said there are some gems floating around!!

  3. Josh, I’d wager that if you showed that to 10 people and didnt tell them that it had anything to do with bats, MAYBE 2 people would pick up on it. I just think the likeness could be taken further, to make it more recognizable as a bat. Thats just my opinion.

    And for the record, your arrogance is off-putting, every time someone gives you feedback that you dont agree with. And while there are certainly some entries that are better than others, saying that a lot of them suck, and people must not know anything about skating or fitted hats, makes you sound arrogant and pompous. Why not keep things positive?

  4. Iam really not trying to sound arrogant at all but lets be honest how many of these of these designs would people actually wear???? Iam all for being postive like I said Iam not hating on anyones work at all!! I love the feedback or lack of. Iam really speeking from a buyers point of view…coming from someone whos been wearing new era caps since 1993 I just might know a thing or two about whats actually gonna sell or sit there and collect dust!

  5. Dont get me wrong a lot of designs are done very well there are some really fly designs from this league. I just want the flyest picks to move to the front of the line….. lets think of caps people actually might just want to wait in line for two for days thats the kinda cap release buzz Iam talking about!

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