Pollos Terrible Colorways

We are finalizing colors for the Taco Shop League. We want to gauge your guys interest in these different colorways. In the comments section, rank em for us.


20 thoughts on “Pollos Terrible Colorways

  1. idk not as traditional but im feeling b. makes the bird really dead with a blue tongue. feeling that nice blue contrasting the black and gray

  2. I like C. Pollos Terrible should be bright and vibrant (ironic, but full of Latin flavor). I’d consider red eyelets with a black button? Or yellow eyelets and button? It needs something to make the logo look less pasted on

  3. C – A – B …
    and on a different subject, the “Collaborate” link at the top of the page still goes to the taco contest, not the current skate shop contest.

  4. C, senor.

    But if I had my way, I loved to see a yellow cap with a chocolate brim (and yes, that would mean making the black of the logo into a dark brown).

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