And Again

This one might throw some people off. Kevin originally entered his Taco Bull design and it garnered big votes. Really big. It was a great idea and a great logo. Talking it over with a few people, we decided that a taco on a cap might be a tough sell. So, Kevin and I began a back and forth that created the Chile Bull mark. We’ll still use his taco mark as an alternative, but I think this mark has broader appeal. What do you guys think? Rank the colorways for us too.

Happy New Year to all you! Thanks for picking up a cap, thanks for leaving comments. Thanks for entering designs. Thanks for being patient with us as we figure this whole thing out. Thank you for being rad. 2010 watch the hell out.


20 thoughts on “And Again

  1. I liked the old logo. True taco would be a tough sell, (but it was the closest to the taco shop league) the pepper is pretty much in the same boat as the taco in terms of sales…and i like that old pepper idea winter mitts and such

  2. B-A-C – Really like the new design, but I liked the old one too … all of that being said I realize I’m not the target market of the sales anyway.

  3. Hmmm, tough..I do like C, but I think without the green stem, the pepper can be a bit more difficult to grasp right of the bat. I would certainly choose this one if it were with the original logo.

    On that note I guess I gotta go with B.

  4. Colorway A makes the chili bull most clearly a chili. Sad to see my favorite logo go though. Couple things—the chili bull shares the same shape as the taco bull, but why the changes of the angles for the horns and steam?

  5. In fact, after looking at C again, he colors look very similar to West Virginia Power, which I own. I don’t remember if you guy’s designed that one, it was one of my favorites, which explains the ranking.

  6. Yea I get a chicago bulls vibe from that logo……Might wanna switch the name to the chicago hot peppers sound kinda catchy right and very marketable!!! ….Habanero hot peppers also sounds hot no pun intended lol

  7. B-A-C
    The red green is too christmasy. the brown yellow is good but hard to distinguish as a pepper. Red and black is less. but i dont understand how the taco is a hard sell, i thought that was a better logo. the puffs of smoke on this pepper look a bit like fists, i dont know if thats intentional but i dont know if i like it.

  8. Pepper is a great idea. Colors are nice, though I’d like to see the black tweaked a bit as an alternative exploration, as it feels too heavy next to the red and green on the hat (which btw do not feel Christmas-y to me, given the context). Also, the snort clouds are copy-pasted, I’d like to see 2 separate renditions. Lookin good though.

  9. I think I like the taco shell more than the pepper. I do like the red colorway though. I just felt the shell, although a harder sell, looks much stronger than the pepper.

  10. Yeah I didn’t write that second post right above me, some kids are posing as others, and for the record I like the new pepper design better.

    You should really fix your site’s commenting system Clink Room!

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