Back on Track

As far as a deadline for the Skate Shop League. I think that final call will be Monday morning when I first check my email in the morning. Then I’ll finish up all the critiques and get the ballots going. Sound good? Good.

Jeff! I like this design. Really nicely composed. Not into the yellow outline. And the stroke weight is too thin. Maybe go for that all white thing I keep harping on. Silhouette of all this in white? Could be dope.

T.J.! Love some of your rendering decisions. The wheels and the trucks are amazing. This whole thing is great. The only thing I want is a serif on the bottom of the “P”. Don’t you think? It’s got a serif on top. Dogtown style. We need a couple more entries with that flavor.


6 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. Im not sure how the Aces relates to skateboarding at all….aside from there being a skateboard behind the playing cards.

    It looks like the description got cut off.

  2. Yeah, somehow the font got bigger and cut off most of the story on the Aces. In any event, it is the “Full Deck” that relates to skateboarding, and “The Aces” is the all-star skate team put together by the Full Deck Skateclub.
    Glad to see a deadline. I hope to see some great new entries pour in like when the last deadline was announced. With the long weekend there should be time to finalize some design that I hope people have been working on. Maybe a few redos for me, but I’ll have nothing new. I’ve probably already added too many anyway.
    Still hoping to get incrementally better with each contest on my designs. I’ve got ideas, just not Illustrator skills. Maybe I need to collaborate with another artist next time. I wish I could have given more life to Josh’s ideas this time.
    Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, espcially Casey & Jason. Hope to see you all again in 2010.

  3. Yeah I was thinking also about the serif as well as I was doing it. I dont know why I didnt put it in lol. After I sent this in, I sent in a different version of the Primos as well as another entry, but also sans serif. Ill give it a try. Happy New Year!

  4. Personally, I don’t care how cards relate to skateboarding, I love the design. Another great one Jeff that I’d buy if it was available.

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