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Thanks everyone! If anyone lives near Charleston West Virginia, go to a Power game (the origins of this cap). Andy, the President of the club, is one of the sickest operators (and guys) in all of baseball.

Kings Playas and Disciples

Chris! Kings of Concrete is a sweet idea and a great name!. Love the lion too. He needs a crown though right? I’d make the crown apart of his head too like he’s carved out of a solid block of concrete. I think that you could extend that idea into the whole head too. Google the NY Public Library logos and check out the actual sculptures. I’d make the orange stroke a bit wider as well. Great stuff! We could do some ridiculous things with embroidery.

Josh! This is great. Very meta. I changed the colors a little. I though it would all read more clearly. The only thing that I want to change is the cross. Shouldn’t it be a Jesus piece? Just a thought. I’d make the middle of the “P” bigger too. Jeff helped you with this right? Love it. Big points for collaboration.

Speaking of the man of a thousand designs. Jeff, I really like this D. Very unique. One of the trends that you could play off of in cap design right now is the solid cap with the all white simple lettering. Only white, very Major League. This would look great done in that style. Dark Navy cap, white “D” with the “7” in dark navy also. That would be a big contender. Jeff wants this, right? Jeff Eye-of-the-Tiger Crupper.

Nuf Dilly-Dalian

Alright! So much to get through. I apologize if you entry hasn’t been posted. We’re getting to it. Nuf dilly-dalian.

Tom! Of Taco Boy fame hit us with his first entry, I think? Anyways, great idea. We need some sneaker head logos. My first impulse is that it needs some character. You can always tell a poser by the wear of their shoes. The outer front left toe of a well worn skate shoe always has a hole in it with some Shoe GOO slopped all over it. Do skaters use Shoe GOO any more? Even if they don’t I’m thinking nostalgia here with a nice worn toe slopped with Shoe Goo. Ditch the circle too I don’t think it’s necessary. Great start Tom!

Tyler! Great concept. Dude, silver thread on the blade. Could be so cool. Red handle right? Or gold would get this mark poppin. AND, stop the presses, grip tape under the bill. Could be awesome. Way to think big! You can change the colors for this vote or not. But if this cap goes into production, I’m doing a silver and red colorway.

When I got this piece it blew my mind. I’m not sure why I was so blown away. Jeff Crupper and Josh Slay collaborated on this together! Jeff’s in Florida and I think Josh is in Rhode Island. That is so awesome to us. It’s like it made me realize that world peace has a chance or something. Just love the whole story. The design is cool too. Great start. When I saw those wings and the color scheme it reminded me of how money is rendered for some reason. Can we push that concept more? Like copy the 3D etching effect of money’s fonts. and do the same for the circle maybe? Just a thought. Great job guys. Love the collaboration.

Jeff On-His-Own Crupper! A nice redo. This would look great embroidered. Really great. I like that you left out the eye. I know that it’s a skeleton and the skull should be solid. But I kinda like the idea of doing the ribs all the way down the head and tail. Like the Whole fish is made of sonic waves or something. Could be cool, right? Anyways, great redo Jeff!

Awol Mondays

Sorry about being awol for the last few days. The Winter Meetings took their toll. Took me the whole weekend to recover. Feeling strong now, lets do work!

Joe! Nice piece. Probably the most traditional stake logo that we’ve seen so far. I think that for this contest keep the shadow. But for production we should ditch it and raise the hell out of it. Great work! I know that some of these designs aren’t anything like we’ve seen before in the skate world. But that’s the fun of it for me! Lets start something fresh, right?

Chad Anderson-split-pea! This is a nice piece. I prefer the original that you submitted but this is cool. We could do some great things with embroidery on this. Gold thread! Feather shapes in the solid fields. So cool. I think that it needs the GB chain though right? Not in his mouth, but around his neck. Right?

Jeff man-of-10,000-ideas Crupper hit us once again. This is an interesting concept but I’m worried about the execution. What about just the t-square with a bunch of measurements, notes, arrows. Stuff like that. Also, I think you need to make the t-square more graphic. It’s too illustrational. Dope seed of an idea though.

Colin! You only sent me the PNG and not the vector file. Why so small? It doesn’t really matter, we get your point. Donut mixed with wheel is a cool idea. I think that you need to make that more clear though. Like the wheel at an angle with all the middle parts of the wheel showing, with sprinkles on it. Make sense? Lose the jelly splatter. It has a ton of potential! Lets see those changes!

Two All-Stars

If you haven’t been to the Winter Meeting they’re fun. Really fun. Out till 5am on Sunday night, 2am last night. I love baseball!

These two entries are f**king awesome. Stefan! Wow. Love the description. Love the design. Love the design. This is epic. The only thing I’m worried about is how you’re going to top this design when you submit your second design. Amazing!

Bird! Another gem! Get it! Everything is great. The only thing I’d change is the blue outline/shadow. I don’t think it’s necessary. Just a big fat raised donut on the cap. Done! Amazing!


In Indy for the Winter Meetings and Yesterday was pretty epic. We picked up about 120 people from about 30 of our teams that we’ve worked with from the airport and dropped them off at their hotels. This is one of the rides we rented… We had two H2s running and went through about 220 beers. Next year in Orlando we’re going to blow it out! Madden cruisers!

Alright Skate Shop League biznatch. When I received this from Jeff and Josh Slay it blew my mind. I just never thought that you guys would work with each other. It’s so cool. More of this needs to happen. This design has potential. It needs some spice though. It’s pretty plain. Ditch the star. I’d separate the halo from the 2 H’s but you could also try to tie them together more. Good start!

Eli! This is dope. Love the simplicity. Love the colors. Love the rendering of the bearings, this is a winner. More Eli, more!

Sam resubmits scrapes. I like both of these a lot. The X is growing on me. Atfirst Liked the S but now I think the X is my front runner. Done! Great work!

There are some great entries coming up tomorrow. Super into one of em. I’ll try to snap some pictures of the Winter Meetings. Mañana!

New-Do Re-Do

Jeff gets 110 points for finding me and the wife. My concentration face needs some work.

Eli! This is cool. But I much prefer your first entry of the FTF. This is too complicated. I do appreciate the attempt at showing movment/elements of a trick. Someone needs to tackle that. Like old fashioned dance instructions. Maybe that would make a better t-shirt than a cap. Someone give it a shot.

Steve, hits us with an alternate Ghetto Birds. So different yet so similar. Wierd. Love that. Beautiful rendering of the vulture head and the GB piece. You could leave it as is and it would be great. OR two things. The brown feathers could be more feathery. They’re a little neat too for a vulture. A little more chaos and more feathery. I think you could give him more of a scowel, more expression, maybe just make his eyes a little angrier. Making him look at the viewer is a good thing too. Those designs always do better.

Alright Clinkers! We’ve got the Winter Meetings next week. I’m going to still post so don’t sweat it. We’ll have photos of the WM too. Have a kick ass weekend.

Scambler Seequill Video

Scambler Seequill is our friends’ kick-ass band. Devin (the lead singer) and Mike (the guitarist) are super inspiring people. Painters, musicians, film makers, all-around amazing people.

AND! This is their new video. And guess who’s in it! 10 points to whoever can find me. 100 points for who can find my wife(hint:she’s in white and right after my big scene!) No making fun of my dancing, I’m a designer damn it. It was fun to do. If anyone out there needs a dancer for their video hit me up.

“One Design” from Scrambler Seequill on Vimeo.

Update: Glasses yes, hat no.