Mobile Mardi Gras

Did you know Mobile, AL is the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the U.S.? Alabama!? They still have a big party down there even if it’s now been eclipsed by New Orleans. Hard to pass up imagery like that so we did a bunch of concepts to celebrate that event. In the end, the team felt like Mardi Gras wasn’t for everyone and the the Mobile BayBears are.

A couple good ideas buried in there though. I still want to do a King-of-Baseball themed identity. And the ears on a cap might be cool. Have a great weekend! Team Coco.

You Know For Kids

Tom’s got it figured out. His Taco Boy entry was one of my favorite designs from the TSL. Taco Boy lives on! He made this shirt for his daughter with a printer, an iron, and love. Keep it fun. I’ll say it again, Tom’s got it figured out.

We’ll build the ballots this weekend and begin posting them on Monday. You guys can check everything to make sure your entry is up there, the way you want it. Then we’ll begin the voting later in the week.

Last Entry

This is the last entry that I’ve got in my inbox. Tomorrow is the final day to get me an entry.

Good discussion about the voting and the new SSL logo that we posted a couple days ago. We’ve been mulling it over, we think that the voting is important. We used a very long lens in looking at the voting from the TSL. The caps that are being produced are great and represent some of the strongest entries. A LOT of great designs are left over. And they are not on the cutting floor. They’re in-line. We have a League to fill here. As far as the SSL logo, we haven’t made a decision on that. It seems pretty divided. We’ll think of something.

Aaron! This is awesome. Way to finish this whole thing up strong. Could not have asked for a cooler entry. Dogtown/baseball/skaterat/stylie all wrapped up into one kick ass hat. Amazing. I think for this stage you’re good. But I’d like to see those socks a little longer. What are everyone’s thoughts?