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This is the last entry that I’ve got in my inbox. Tomorrow is the final day to get me an entry.

Good discussion about the voting and the new SSL logo that we posted a couple days ago. We’ve been mulling it over, we think that the voting is important. We used a very long lens in looking at the voting from the TSL. The caps that are being produced are great and represent some of the strongest entries. A LOT of great designs are left over. And they are not on the cutting floor. They’re in-line. We have a League to fill here. As far as the SSL logo, we haven’t made a decision on that. It seems pretty divided. We’ll think of something.

Aaron! This is awesome. Way to finish this whole thing up strong. Could not have asked for a cooler entry. Dogtown/baseball/skaterat/stylie all wrapped up into one kick ass hat. Amazing. I think for this stage you’re good. But I’d like to see those socks a little longer. What are everyone’s thoughts?


14 thoughts on “Last Entry

  1. Very interesting Aaron is that last entry….the hat is cool but I dont get no skate vibe from it.I do get a oakland dirty socks vibe thou lol

  2. Now that I think about it…The new skate shop logo might as well be added in the mix because I feel like some caps are gonna get picked that dont really say skateboarding fitted.Atleast with the new skate shop logo it can still hold a skaters vibe…And the grip tape on the brim needs to be in the mix! I told the clink about that idea months ago!

  3. haha we can always count on Aaron to bring the most unique entry. Great idea, I can smell these from here, man. lol ughh the toe is killing me. Definitely needs to big bigger, maybe a bit thicker as well. Im liking the ribbing at the top but something is a little bit off with the right sock, perspective maybe?

  4. Also, since we will still be continuing with our voting process with the contest, maybe we can choose more than our top 3? If we will be going with top 8 vote getters, maybe we can vote for our top 8 or at least top 5 or 6. But 3 just seems too few of a number considering that many of us have multiple entries and the considering the amount of great entries to choose from. How many entries are there anyway?

  5. man not to try to steal my thunder back, but Jslay, i didn’t see anything on the grip tape idea on this site till i posted my street carvers hat. Some how u and ur boy eli think i jacked ur idea..

    “Nice hats……. looks like someone jacked your idea for the griptape Josh.
    Posted by Eli on December 15, 2009”

    i didn’t say anything then but i came up with that idea independently. Maybe you also came up with the idea as well, but come on man give me a little credit

  6. Thats because I told casey that idea via email a while back tyler….But iam not about to debate with u over that..Its both our idea u happy now?.And why would u say that now anyway..Your kinda of late bringing that up.. by the way were are u from tyler???

  7. i am happy now… thanks Jsexy. i didn’t feel like startin ish the first time but it just irked me a little when u said u brought it up months ago. im from louisiana by the way… geaux saints

  8. It’s all good Tyler. I didn’t mean any harm by posting that, but me and Josh go over ideas all the time and he told me about the grip tape a while ago and I told him that it would be dope to put like real canadian maple on the bottom of the brim or possibly make the brim look like it is 7 layers representing 7 ply like a skateboard deck……

  9. My picks are the Scrapes F’D edtion,Boston bearings,The chiclets,Wall bats,Kamikazes,Raging wheelers,Sk8 kings….Your thoughts???

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