SSL Ballot-D


13 thoughts on “SSL Ballot-D

  1. I had such high hopes for D4/D5 when I first made them. I really liked the concept, but the idea seemed to fizzle in the clink room.

  2. My picks are the Scrapes F’D edtion,Boston bearings,king pins,Wall bats,Kamikazes,Raging wheelers,Sk8 kings….Your thoughts???

  3. D6, D7, D8. That’s right Eli, I’m with you on this one. These three are easiest to wear. I like D3 a little bit too, but the donut looks too thin, like an O. Also its sort of like one of those cheesy touristy NYPD hats, so it could be so bad it’s good in that sense, but it’s just sort of off.

  4. Even worse than a donut on a hat or a chilipepper on a hat? I guess those would at least be in demand for Duncan Donuts employees or Chili’s fry cooks…

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