Last Call

LASTCALL! I’ve had some computer troubles over the last couple days. And I’m nervous that someone’s entry got lost in the shuffle. If you emailed me an NEW entry and haven’t seen it up here please email it again.
Casey & Jason
I apologize for the confusion. If you have a re-do get it to me by the end of the week. At this point all re-dos will appear on the ballot not as their own posts. I hope everyone that needs to read this does so.

Eli! Two great entries. Normally I would just pick one entry form from a team and post it. But I really think that both the Main and the Alternate are great. I especially like the alternate. Kick ass idea for a design, and very well executed. Both one and dones, very impressive.

Slayer! You and your Nike. Jay and I talked over the weekend about doing sneakers. Maybe with Nike or Vans. Could be cool. I like this color way a lot. Which do you prefer?

Alright, get those entries in before the end of the week!

Scrape n Flip

Sam! Love the alt gore version. The things we could do with that blood in embroidery. Lets get it gross. Love it. Great work on all the ancillary story telling elements around the page too. Make it fun like Sam. Done.

Eli! Great color way. This is one of my favorite entries. Unique, iconic, simple. Done.

Acid Pilot

Sucks about the no posts for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The worst. We’re working on making it easier to make posts while we’re on the road. Reno required our full attention anyways. TV, print and radio ads all completed in a month! It’s going to be a gonzo rest of the month. Wish us luck. Let’s get to the SSL, I appreciate the self policing that’s been going on with keeping the contests and this collaboration positive. Keep the ball moving forward!

Tim! I love how clean this is and Jay and I always dig military imagery. It’s such rich, iconic territory. When I was in Reno I saw all of there awesome merch and they use a lot of white and silver thread together and it looked fresh. That would look great for this cap. I think this is a one-and-done. Way to go!

T.J.! Love these colors. Love that A. Love the rendering of all the acid/test tube elements. My one comment is that it’s busy but not in content. More in a composition sense. What I mean by that is, keep all the elements. Just compact it. I think you should make the acid pool streaking under the A. Underlining the A. Keep that great rendering trick you did with the refection and all the depth that that gives you. It shouldn’t pool out to right of the test tube is all. Great job!

Great job everyone! Let’s try to wrap up the rest of the entries and re-entries by the end of the week right? Right.

Mishka Presents Crookers Keep Watch Vol XV

Jason and I love Mishka. It’s one of those brands that I think will help define this era in Brooklyn. Or at least help to define my era in Brooklyn. Have a take, don’t suck. These guys live by that in spades. I’ve been listening to this mix tape every morning as I do my Clink posts and it’s been inspiring. Don’t die. Never die. Oh yeah, and it’s a free download.

Raging Sk8

HEY! Keep it positive. If you think you could help someone’s design out or do it better then they’ve done it, then contact them, get their file, and work on it for them. It’s never wise to shoot down an idea after the first try. You never know where someone could take it. To be perfectly honest we’ve never got an entry that I didn’t want to tweak at least a bit. No matter how well done the entry was. Relax and maybe you’ll get your idea produced.

Does anyone live in Reno, been to Reno? We’re headed there tomorrow. What should we do tomorrow night? Where should we be eating? I know we’ve shipped some caps there.

More great entries.

Stefan! Great re-do. I think I would go brighter with the colors but this is just what I had in mind. I know you submitted some other color options with this form but we’ll save those for production. I’m less worried about color at this point. I love this guys face. And the name, still makes me laugh. Dude, I just popped a raging wheelie.

Josh and Chapit! Badass name, where are you from? Josh, where do you find these guys? Design is great. Simple, iconic, would look great embroidered. It kinda has a late 80’s early 90’s feel. You should go for fluorescents with this. My one other comment is the crown. I like it, but it could be more iconic. I’ve given this advice before, go research crowns from around the world. There are so many great ones out there that are underused as icons. Although this crown does lend itself to the 80’s-90’s vibe. Never-mind, don’t listen to me. Like the idea of the all red cap. Never seen that before.

Slowed Down Two New-dos

It’s been a rough couple days. My new computer needs a new logic board. WTF does that mean? So I’m hobbling along on my old computer while I wait to get my new piece mailed to Apple and then shipped back to me. Enough, to much information. This might low things down a bit, I apologize for that. Two new-dos…

Justin! Love this concept. Love the tribute to our soldiers aspect, love the combat/skate combo. I think that guy on the cap is too much though. It would be really tough to embroider. You need to think in symbols and icons, with the military there is so many great icons. Dog tags, badges, awards. I like the CC mark, that’s a great start. Can you make it more military, more iconic? We could embroider it in metallics! Great idea though!

Matthew! This is a great design. I love the face on the cap. But I’ll tell you what I really love is the face with the Braveheart stripe down the front in the word mark at the top. If you’re going to do the face, which I think that you should do, do the stripe and you have to have the horns on there. I know these logos don’t have much to do with skateboarding but forget about that. This could be awesome.

Just a heads up, Jay and I will be traveling on Wednesday through Friday. Probably slow the posts a bit. I HATESLOW!

PS. I think it was the Spokane Indians logo I was thinking of and I think Joshes design is different enough. Thanks to Carter for finding that.

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron was a big inspiration for us with the Mobile identity. He’s from Mobile and a big part of the BayBears. They had his boyhood house moved next to the stadium. I like to think that this batting bear logo that will be their sleeve patch is Hank’s logo.

At one point we tried to make Mr. Aaron’s face into a bear. That might have been biting off more than we could chew.