Boom Goes the Dynamite

Just got the first set of Taco Shop League samples. Long time commin’. They look amazing, a few tweaks and we’re off to the races. Kurt, Kevin, and Erick, hit me up if you want more looks. They’re on the right path, but need a little more polishing. Thanks for a huge week guys. We are humbled by your support of The Clink Room. Man do I love Clinkers.

Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 2

Before we arrived in Clearwater, the organization had done some informal surveying of a few ideas: Beach Dogs – which people either loved or hated. The Barracudas and Kingfish which did spark much passion. And the Sand Sharks which scored really high with kids – but it needed some pizzaz.

Choosing the correct name may be the toughest decision facing any new ball club. It is important that the name reflects the characteristics of the area. It also must be simple, unique, marketable, and must fill the fans and organization’s staff with enough imagery to develop a colorful brand story.

During our research on Clearwater Beach, we stopped by the docks and conducted informal interviews of local fishermen. When asked what they we’re pulling out of the gulf, one story stood out: The fishermen spoke of a shark with the longest tail, that first stuns its prey by whipping them, then darting in for the kill. This mysterious “Thresher” shark instantly captured our imaginations!

Here’s the metrics we worked out to justify its marketability…

Next up, selling the Threshers name to the Clearwater staff, the Phillies ownership, and the fans…

Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 1

Cheers to the new Clinkers who just caught a ride over from uncrate! Welcome!

Today we’re starting a behind the scenes look at building the Clearwater Threshers team identity. Normally we do this leading up to an Edition launch – but Casey and I thought we’d switch it up.

Here’s a little background: The Clearwater Threshers are the Class ‘A’ Minor League affiliate of Philadelphia. Their ballpark is also Spring Training home of the Phillies. Up until 2004, the Clearwater club was nicknamed the ‘Clearwater Phillies’ and sported the old school logo you see here. As they geared up to move into a new ballpark, they thought it was time to give Clearwater it’s own hometown identity. We thought so too!

Today we’ll set the stage…

Clearwater is one of those classic Florida towns. It’s part of the Tampa Bay market, but embodies great Florida kitsch! Hulk Hogan doesn’t live far away, its got old folks, trailers, lawn flamingos, a store that sells ONLY christmas stuff…year round. It’s also home to the Original Hooters. Want one of those long T-shirts with the bikini airbrushed on it? Clearwater Beach. There you’ll find the best barefoot bars playing Jimmy Buffett. But we had to learn this firsthand…

Storytelling is so important to developing a great brand. Our job is to take that hometown story, turn up the juice, and pump it into the team identity. To make sure Clearwater’s brand was authentic, we headed to Florida to become honorary Clearwater citizens. Our research started where any San Diego kids would start….the beach!

Tune in tomorrow to learn how we came up with the “Threshers” name…

Thank Yous All Around The Town

Wow, what a big day it’s been! A HUGE thanks to everyone who made the Threshers Phase IV launch a success!

Thanks to Luis at Hypebeast Nai at Strictly Fitteds Pete at The Hundreds Francesco at New Era Cap Talk, Andre at Street Giant Steve at Clothing Wire Kirk at For All to Envy and to Chris over Vibe Magazine who called The Clink Room “The Best New Fitted Hat Company.” Awesome!

Most importantly, to The 150 Club and all the Clinkers who picked up the latest Edition…you guys are the best!

Clearwater Threshers Phase iv Edition

Just released! The Clink Room’s third Edition features a concept logo taken from our design process with the Clearwater Threshers. Click here to check it out…

Individually Numbered
Each cap is an individually hand numbered. Only 150 pieces are being made available for each Edition.

Personally Signed
The tags on every cap are personally signed by the project designers.

Cork Underbills
All cap underbills are lined The Clink Room’s signature cork fabric, imported from Italy.

Designer’s Pencil
Caps are identified by a “designers pencil over the ear.” The icon changes color according to cap color.

Concept Phase
The caps also display the “Concept Phase” handwriting across the back of the cap, identifying the phase of the project the logo was sampled from.

Second Sketch Ad for Reno

Someone asked what we make these in. They’re pretty primitive and simple to make. But it does the trick. First we sketch out all the parts, back ground, foreground. If I need an arm to move then I’ll draw that separately from the body. Then we make our “cells” (I guess that’s what you’d call em) in Photoshop as layers and export them as jpgs. Simple. We’ve done these in Final Cut but it takes too long. iMovie really comes in handy here. The simple Ken Burns effect can bring life to a little thumbnail in no time and all we’re really doing is trimming clips.

Clink the Jpg to go to the file. Did you ever figure out how to see it Jeff?

Hopefully we’ll have the final to preview on Tuesday. We’ve been editing sound and color correcting for the last 2 days. Here’s some screen shots. Andrew did a great job on the shoot. It’s gunna look great!

Reno Sketch Ad

This is the sketch ad that I mentioned a couple days ago. We make one of these for every commercial we do. Each spot is 30 seconds and it’s tough to plan 30 seconds that make sense in a script. Click on the image to watch…

The Aces have one of the coolest features in sports. It’s this giant moving baseball head guy that pops up from behind the batter eye in center field. We had to feature it in one of the ads. Check out this YouTube clip to see it in action (I think it comes in around 1:09).

We learned to prepare like crazy the hard way. Our first ad that we made stared Hall-of-Famer Mike Schmidt. And not only was it intimidating to direct a guy who is infamous for his temper, he was very nice by the way, but we were severely underprepared. Hopefully that ad will never be seen again. I know I don’t want to see it ever again.

We are color correcting the first Reno ad now. We’ll post it next week.

Second Production Breakdown Pt2

Sam gives us the Scrapes. I love that name. We need to do t-shirts with that across the chest. Great concept, great execution. Captured the spirit of the contest really well. This cap also got a ton of votes. Not much that I would change about this one either. Great job Sam!

Chris gives us the Grind. Also a great name and a solid design. I want this big on the cap. It feels like Sim-City or who’s that one artist that does the posters of the cities in that Sim-City style? E-Boy? It’s iconic, it’s simple, I think it could be a classic.

Tyler gives us the Street Carvers. So fun. Love the hidden skateboard/ knife handle. Love the “S” made out of knives. This thing needs to be done in silver thread only. It would be amazing. This one was picked because of it’s iconic quality. Great work!

NOTE: I need Sam and Tyler’s email. Will you guys hit me up? I have T.J., Stefan, and Chris’. Email us here…

Casey & Jason